Being a writer in the field of personal growth and development there are a lot of demands when it comes to followers. As much as I would just love to write and not worry about increasing numbers, I have recently experienced why followers are so important if you want to write books to help others. These publishers want a large amount of followers before they are willing to take the book to the table and fight for it. That’s why after multiple nudges I’m here taking Branding and Growth, a free course offered by Blogging University. I don’t know if I will be blogging about it on a daily basis, but I will working to get to more of the audience who is looking to dive into the journey of self-discovery.

For now, here’s day one of my Branding and Growth journey:

Blogging University:

Branding and Growth

Day 1: Set Three Goals

“Why Do You Blog?”

Seven years ago I left a very volatile marriage. I went to college and received a degree in Human Development. During that time, I found my passion for writing again. I couldn’t imagine not writing once I graduated. In one of my final terms in school, I took a workshop course in Creative Non-Fiction. During that course, I found the subject matter I really wanted to write about. I found my own personal voice. Now, I blog; I can’t imagine a life where I’m not writing on a daily basis. Though, I don’t get to do all my writing on this blog, I do write daily. I balance with another blog (sorry not WordPress) and multiple book projects. I get to explore all the ideas bouncing around in my head and get to reach out and see if these thoughts touch anyone else. I get to connect with people on a global level without any walls or boundaries just pure human connection. I love that! Blogging helps me realize how truly connected each of us are. I’m also amazed by the love and the compassion I see in the blogging community. It puts me in Awe!

Another reason I blog is to help people live their best lives. When my agent shopped my book proposal we heard a lot of positive feedback, but in the times we live in now they are looking for their writers to have a big following. That big following can be a very big range of numbers, but the base number we heard was 10,000. One of the publishers said they wanted to pitch my book if I could get that. All the feedback on the project itself was very good. The only negative I kept getting was that I didn’t have enough followers. I never wanted to focus my writing on gaining followers, so I’ve felt very mixed about the constant push to increase my readership. I trust that my writing will touch the people it’s meant to touch. I figured I could put a little more effort into attaining followers by taking this course. The funny thing is that it came up because I was getting help from the help desk at and joked around about the 10,000 followers and they gave me this link. I believe everything happens for a reason.

“If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams what would that look like?”

Well, now that I know in order to have my books published I need to get my followers up; I would say 500,000 followers would definitely exceed my wildest dreams. If I knew what I wrote about could help that many people I would be over the moon. I would love to post on this blog five days a week just to stay connected to my readers. Though my books would be put out to help others, my blog is more personal. I feel like blogging connects me with people. People are hearing about my personal journey here. This is the background of how the books were developed. Whether I’m reading other people’s blogs, reading comments on blogs, or working on building my own; I’m connected here.

The three goals I have for my blog are:

  1. Increase followers by 40% by the end of 2018.
  2. Blog two times a week on
  3. Create “A Better Me” Weekly Challenge. One day a week, I will have a challenge to increase self-love, self-worth, and a healthier way of viewing the person staring back us in the mirror


I’m looking forward to reading more inspiring blogs and connecting with as many people as I can. I hope you will go on this journey with me.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff