Are you tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy to be there?

Are you worn out by the negativity in your life?

Are you done with feeling like a doormat?

Are you ready to transform into the best version of you that you can be?


Now is the time for the 35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp! I’m running a FREE test group for this program, and if you are really ready to put in the work; I invite you to come on an incredible journey with me. This is a boot camp! That means it’s an investment of your time on a daily basis. For thirty-five days you have to be willing to carve out a little time (20min-45min) in your day to work your ass off on YOU! Not the surface you; not one we can see in a physical form; not the people pleaser you; the YOU that is deeper than that. You are committing to the YOU who wants a transformative push in the right direction, the YOU who wants better for your life. This is for the YOU who wants to be empowered by your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and dreams.

This program is interactive. If you want to keep getting the lessons, you have to complete the daily and weekly projects or the e-mails will stop coming. I’ll invest my time in you, if you invest your time in you.  If you complete the daily check-ins and weekly projects the program will continue onto the next phase. Each week of completed projects you will get a personalized e-mail to help you make the 35 days be as effective as possible using the work you’ve done so far.

Once you complete the program you will be invited to a private group on Facebook to help you stay on this transformative path to be a better you. This is your journey. Only you can make the commitment. You have to complete the program for it to work the way it’s intended. If you quit, you will never know how all the pieces of the puzzle go together… And believe me, you will be questioning it at times.

The Journey Starts on October 15, 2018

(You must start on this date to be apart of this program)

The 35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp will only be offered for free this ONE time, and it won’t be as personalized. This is a very special offer for those who are taking the maiden voyage with me.

Here’s how you get the ball rolling:

  1. Sign-up to follow http://lettersfromabetterme.blogspot.comvia e-mail
  2. They will send you a verification link; make sure you verify your e-mail
  3. A few days before the challenge starts: I will send you a direct e-mail address where you will get your daily and weekly assignments and be able to submit them directly to me. You will have me right there with you the whole way.
  4. Follow http://fromalovingplace.comfor articles that go along with the lessons
  5. Like positive support and help with some of the lessons. Also, if you don’t start getting the test e-mails from Letters From A Better Me blog, send me a message on Facebook, or you can also leave a comment on this post on From A Loving Place
  6. Commit to yourself to complete the 35 days without excuses.

Just remember once October 15thhits; don’t fall behind. The A Better Me Boot Camp will work or fail according to the effort you put in. If you don’t complete the program, don’t beat yourself up. You either will feel a drive to complete it or you won’t. The drive is what tells you if you are ready for this. If you’re not ready or it’s not the right fit for you, keep looking for what is and commit to being the best version of you.

While you wait for the start date on October 15th, I hope you will enjoy browsing the blogs on both sites. I hope you’re ready for a great adventure!

With Lots of Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff ©2018

If you have questions or any problems signing up you can leave a comment below. ♥