Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #215

I’m grateful for intuition. So many of us don’t give enough credit to our and/or other’s intuition for helping to lead us in the right direction. Sometimes ours or someone else’s intuition will give us little cues or guideposts, but in the end, it is us that has to take action on what we are seeing or hearing. I love when the tingles come! That is one of the signs I’m getting important information. My body is physically reacting in a way that stands out way beyond the normal. Just think of people getting goosebumps during an amazing performance. It resonates on a deeper level. It tends to happen to me when a song, dance, or piece of art connect me to some message I’m supposed to get by the emotions it brings to the surface.

Sometimes, I recognize if I’m holding onto something (a thought, idea, or end goal) too tight, I try to predict future instead of letting my intuition lead me to the next best step. Remembering to stay on the journey and not attaching to an end goal can be challenging at times, but I find when I think I know the way something is going to end up for myself, I can get lost in future instead of doing the work I need to do in the now.

When it comes to other’s intuition, I need to decipher if their intentions come from a place of love, abundance, and peace or fear, lack, and separation. This is why it is SO important for me to stay clear and open to see red flags and if my energy is aligned with receiving messages from a place of fear, lack, and separation. THIS IS WHY I DO THE DAILY WORK TO STAY ALIGNED! Even seemingly good and positive people can lead us down dark paths intentionally or unintentionally. I’ve seen a lot of people who have considered themselves lightworkers get aligned with the energy of fear, lack, and separation and take people down painful and dangerous paths of conspiracy and chaos. A person can do this unconsciously and unintentionally. All people who lead others down these paths aren’t EVIL. They are just aligned with the energy of fear, lack, and separation. They don’t see that their messages are getting mixed up with their egos which are telling them to be in fear, lack, and separation. We are all capable of doing this and being led by others who do it. Our best defense and offense is doing the work to stay aligned with love, abundance, and peace. Doing this work daily has helped me to strengthen my intuitive skills exponentially!

Much of what you read on this blog is intuition nudging me. Sometimes it’s for me, and other times it’s for someone who going to read the piece. There have been times when I have no idea why I feel drawn to write something, but the words just flow out of me. That’s how I know what I’m writing isn’t about me. I trust whoever is meant to read it will get the seed they need to help them take a step they need for them. I know the Divine has a much bigger plan that I do and part of trusting my intuition is trusting in that.

Intuition has led me down so many amazing roads. I’m welling up just thinking about the people, places, products, organizations, and actions I’ve been led to because of trusting my intuition. It’s just amazing! I absolutely love intuition stories too. It’s that reminder to keep trusting!

Today, I’m committing to trusting my intuition. The key for me is not holding on tightly to any end result. If I’m holding on too tight, I create a story in my head. That is not intuition. This is where many of us get confused and can go down the path of fear, lack, and separation which can lead us to very dark places. Instead of letting our intuition guide us, our fears are what ends up guiding us. Depending how far we choose to go down that road, it can be a long way back. I went down that path for over a decade, it was dark and painful. The things I believed during that time period give me those spooky chills that none of us like getting.

If I’m at all in the energy of fear, lack, and separation, I know I’m most likely not going to feel clear on what I’m receiving unless I’m getting nudges how to get me into the energy of love, abundance, and peace. Those are the times I’m often guided to a song to pull my energy up, a book to inspire the love inside me, or a person who is going to help me see that I’m stuck in that energy.

I’m laughing thinking about the times I thought I was getting a clear sign when I was holding on tight to the end goal I wanted. Looking back, I saw my “I know better” ego taking the reigns and creating an elaborate tale. Yes, I’m laughing out loud.

When it comes to my own stuff, my intuition works best when I’m focused on the journey, not the destination. The nudges on what to do now that are aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace are my guideposts. Those are the ones that lead me in a direction I can trust, because I’m aligned with the energy of the moment, not a future that I should look this way or that way. Even with my closest friends I have to watch myself because if I want something so badly for them, I can easily create a story instead of listening to where my intuition is guiding me.

In order for me to stay out of the story, I have to remain aware of how tied I am to a specific end result. That helps me stay out of the story and pay attention to the action steps to take right in this moment. I also am checking in with myself to see where my energy is aligned as I’m feeling pulled to do something. If it’s out of a place of fear, lack, and separation, I’m in my ego mind. If it’s in the place of love, abundance, and peace, I’m connected to Divine energy which is where I believe intuition comes from. I can’t experience that energy in a place of fear, lack, and separation.

Sometimes, we can be led down very scary and dark roads, but that doesn’t mean we are not on the path we were led to be on. Sometimes, we have to learn on those paths to lead us to something else. I’ve realized that if I can stay as much as I can in the energy of love, abundance, and peace, the path isn’t as painful, even if it’s a dark road. When I trust my intuition, I’m letting my inner flashlight lead me through the dark spots. The key for me is to trust the journey and be open to learn from wherever I’m led. Some of my best gifts were found on my darkest roads. Right now, I’m a single mom of two teenagers. This road comes with many challenges, and tests my skills, but it teaches me EVERY step of the way.

Remember people’s intuition works differently from one person to another. We are not all going to get the same kinds of nudges, details, or sensory cues. My views of intuition may not hit home with you, that doesn’t mean I’m wrong or you’re wrong. I feel like messages have to get through to us in ways that we are open to receive them, so it’s going to look and feel different at times. I’m blessed enough to talk to people who use their intuition in all different areas like career, personal, spiritual, and physical. It is really fascinating to hear the different ways people get their intuitional hits.

I’ve been working on developing mine more after being led to a person who’s gifts are more fine-tuned than mine are. She’s helping me to understand how I see on a deeper level. She wasn’t presented to me until I was ready for her. But when we met, I felt the INSTANT connection and it has been an amazing ride ever since.You can actually see her amazing journey at Kierstenparsons.com. When we are open, we will be led down a path that strengthens our gifts we have to offer the world. The key is trusting the journey and DOING THE WORK! If we don’t commit to doing the work, we aren’t going to get the results. It’s just like toning our bodies, we have to do the work to tone our minds to operate to their full potential.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World (click title for information, formats, and purchasing options)

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  1. I too love that sensation that comes from your intuition. And yes it’s different for everybody, so we need noy define any standards for that. This is such a beautiful post♥️

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