Daily aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #278

I’m grateful for inspiration. Once I’ve gotten the spark, inspiration starts to flow. The spark sets me up to be in the mental space for the inspiration. Feeding the spark triggers the inspiration. I love the expansion I feel in my body when I feel inspired. I truly feel like everything is lining up exactly how it’s supposed to while I’m in this space.

I don’t care if I’m giving or receiving inspiration, I love it all the same. The key is remembering to follow it, because it always takes me on an amazing ride. If you missed yesterday’s post, you can go back to read more about the spark that opens the door for inspiration. Tomorrow you will follow the inspiration to the creative process.

Today, I commit to following where inspiration leads me. I follow my inspiration daily by writing these blogs. I follow inspiration in my everyday life as I’m guided to raise my kids as best I can. I follow where inspiration leads me in my relationships with others. I love how living inspired and staying aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace helps me do that on a regular basis. When I feel whole and complete, I give and receive in a way that is connected to the oneness. There is not a day that goes by that I’m not following where inspiration leads me. I couldn’t say this before, but now that I’m doing the daily work, I can. I keep doing things that feed my soul daily. I’ve noticed that I spend much less time in autopilot. I catch more amazing moments as they unfold. It’s all about finding what works for ME!

I used to try to be inspired by what works for someone else without feeling that spark. That spark is what tells me that is a puzzle piece that belongs in my puzzle. When I trust the spark and feed it, the inspiration comes to move the puzzle piece around. It’s the next step in the journey of discovering the bigger picture. Next, I have to look for the area the puzzle piece belongs. Read along tomorrow for more. More will always be revealed when we open ourselves up to trust the journey.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #277

I’m grateful for the spark. I love when I feel the spark. It’s that moment where something connects on a much deeper level. I never know how or when one is coming. I feel a surge in energy, hence the term spark. I can feel it when I’m reading, looking, tasting, hearing, saying, or sensing something. Chills and or tingles are the physical sign of the spark for me.

The spark is just the beginning of a great unfolding—a moment of inspiration. Yesterday, I talked about the giant puzzle, the spark is receiving the piece to the puzzle, but not knowing quite where it fits in. The next few days of the series I will be going deeper into the process of being able to put the puzzle pieces where they belong in the bigger picture. I absolutely love where this journey is taking me. Much of what you have read in this series has come from sparks. We all get them, but the question is how much do we pay attention and feed them?

Today, I commit to feeding the spark! As I was writing, I notice ways I’ve been feeding the sparks. The only reason I’m able to write about it now is because I’ve become aware at the impact of what feeding those sparks is doing for my life. It’s the spark that keeps us reading, watching, listening, tasting, feeling, writing, speaking, doing, and believing. For me, it’s those chills and/or tingles that scream YES! They let me know that there is more to see here. Keep going!

I know this process is going to look different for each of us. That why it is so important to feed those sparks! Like I said yesterday, our puzzles are going to look different, but we each have pieces to offer each other, because whoever or whatever is meant to give us a piece shows up in our lives in some way shape or form, for me the lesson was to trust the journey. In each moment I’m present, I will find just what I need. I just have to remember to feed the spark, which is me looking to see where this piece of the puzzle fits into the bigger picture.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #276

I’m grateful when I feel the oneness with all that is. Love is never separate. In moments where I feel complete oneness are the moments I’m in complete love. Nothing divides me from anything else in those moments. My journey of daily aligning with love, abundance, and peace has been a journey of awakenings. Every day, I’m offered gifts slowly revealing the truth that I seek. It’s like I’ve been given this giant puzzle and each day I get a new piece. Scattered about, the pieces look like chaos, but as more and more pieces start coming together, a coherent image starts presenting itself. The image has always been there, but the pieces all need to be in their specific places to see the completed puzzle in its entirety.  The more pieces I find a place for, the more I’m seeing the truth reveal itself in a way that is coherent for me to understand—I’m one with all that is. 

Right now, it’s like I’m looking at a puzzle on a box, I can see the image out there, but I’m still working on putting the pieces together for myself. I’m getting more and more moments of feeling connected to the vast oneness, but I’m still being brought opportunities to see where I separate myself from the energy. When I started writing this series, I was clear in the importance of connecting to the energy of love, abundance, and peace over fear, lack, and separation, but I wasn’t aware of just how many ways I’ve been encouraged to feel separate from myself, others, God, nature, animals, you name it.  What is interesting is that when I was given the combination of love, abundance, and peace (Divine guidance) for this series, I knew that even though I was listing three words, each is apart of the oneness. I just broke it down in a way that would help me see it all more clearly. We see this 3 representing the one in many areas of people’s spiritual journeys. It’s the main reason why my book has three parts. The answer to the oneness lies within the three.

The same goes for the energy of fear, lack, and separation. All of that is what plays apart in keeping me from the oneness of everything. I’ve discovered the power of feeling the feelings around fear, lack, and separation, which still contributes to the oneness without having to get into the energy, which is a life force and has the power to take me down long dark paths—black holes. People who get lost in black holes are still apart of the oneness, but I’m still figuring out how those puzzle pieces fit in. We all have our part or we wouldn’t be here. I still have many pieces to figure out, but I love putting this puzzle together.

All I know is what I do, think, and believe affects on the lives of humans, plants, animals, and beyond. I’m apart of the collective energy of all that is. I want my contribution to be filled with as much of the energy of love, abundance, and peace as possible. I know the ONLY way I can successfully do this is to project it from the core of who I am. If I’m not living in the energy of love, abundance, and peace, I’m not amplifying it out in the world. When I feel at one with myself, I’ve taken the first step to feeling at one with the Universe and all that is.

Today, I commit to connecting with the oneness of all that is. Growing up in the original Star Wars era, I take a lot from the wisdom I gained as a young child watching Luke Skywalker learn about the Force from Yoda. As I’ve moved through my spiritual journey, I’ve read and studied different ideas to help take what my child brain absorbed and see the puzzle pieces more clearly. Many people use meditation to tap into the oneness. I use a combination of multiple techniques, but in the end, anything I fully believe will get me to connect with the oneness will get me there. Not all people use the same words, concepts, exercises, prayers, or practices to tap into what I refer to as the oneness, which is why I pay more attention to the energy people are aligning with to get them there.

I don’t get caught up in the words as much as I pay attention to the energy. I’ve become aware of what makes me feel part of the bigger picture (the completed puzzle), and what doesn’t. If I feel separate, or feel like what I’m doing is contributing to others being separate from me, I’m not moving in the right direction. If I feel the energy of fear, lack, and separation, I’m being pulled from the feeling of oneness. My stories and my body tell me where my energy is, I’ve talked about this a lot throughout the series. Just like anything else, this series is a journey. As I write each day, I’m getting more puzzle pieces and you are watching me put them together, but our puzzles may have different images. Whatever you get from my journey is simply a piece. You in some way asked the Universe a question and something in this piece is offering you something for your journey. You didn’t have to read this piece, but you did. I’m always amazed in how this works in my life of how something I read can give me a little spark, and with that spark a series of awakenings begin to unfold. It can be one sentence of an entire book that sticks with me. Think of famous quotes that you and so many others connect with. I don’t know about you, but just thinking of things like this put a huge smile on my face. I just love discovering the vastness of connection. Here are a few of steps I will use today to connect with oneness that work for me:

I don’t have to be in the energy of oneness for hours, days, weeks, months, or years to get me to feel the connection. I have to be in it for a moment. I can be in it while I’m looking at a picture of some amazing nature scene, it’s in the moment of AWE that gets me to oneness so quickly. In the AWE, I am one with all that is, because in the AWE I’m connected to myself, others, nature, and the Divine. If I want to extend that moment and feel it more often, I need to clear up the connections so I don’t miss the moments, because they only happen in the present moment. Anytime I’m separate from any of these things and aligning with the energy of fear, lack, and separation, I will drastically limit moments of oneness.

  1. I connect to myself. If I’m self-abusing, shaming, and judging myself, I’m not in the space to feel at one with anything. I have to first clear the path by cleaning up the energy I’m carrying around in this moment.
  2. I connect to others. If I’m judging, blaming, shaming, or abusing others in any sort of way, even in my thoughts, I’m not in the space to feel at one with others. I have to work on my perspectives to see how their journey and my journey are apart of each other, when I do that, I’m ready to connect to others.
  3. I connect to nature. If I’m mistreating nature, including any and all the life on it. I’m not in the space to feel at one with it. I work on honoring nature and doing a grounding meditations to connect me to nature from the core of the Earth.
  4. I connect to Divine Energy. If I’m rejecting, myself, others, nature, and any the resources and life that come from Universe, I’m not ready to be at one with the Divine. Once, I clear those three energy fields from the energy of fear, lack, and separation, I connect with the Divine and become one with all that is.

Like I mentioned before, I know I am ONE with all that is, but I’m still working putting the pieces together for myself. I will take the moments of connecting to the oneness for now. I absolutely love the way my mind, body, and soul feel when I do (notice the three describing the one). Seeing myself as an energy being helps me understand the concept of oneness better than any other way I’ve attempted so far. Energy is all connected. The more I master my own energy field, the more I’m able to see how it’s all connected to the whole. It is a pretty amazing journey.

Here’s the thing, we each have our own paths to take us where we want to go in this life. We each get to choose the way for ourselves. Nobody has to believe exactly how I believe for me to feel connected to that person. The connection can simply be me understanding that the person is aligning with the energy of fear, lack, and separation. Me being able to feel that helps me to protect myself with energy of love, abundance, and peace. Our energies will repel each other. Our paths only meet up when there is some piece we are meant to get from each other. I can hold space for the person with the energy of love, abundance, and peace without having the person anywhere close to my life. That is one of the most powerful things I’ve learned along this journey. The power of energy is amazing. I amplify whatever energy I put out into the Universe, and whatever that energy is will come back to me. If that is not a reason to focus on keeping my energy aligned with love, abundance, and peace, I don’t know what is.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #275

I’m grateful for what is old. Any time I’m around an old tree, I sit in AWE. There is something so special to me about being around something so old. I love going to museums with ancient artifacts. I also love being around people sharing great wisdom, and all great wisdom is ancient. People just find new ways to present it through their personal experiences. I can sit and listen to stories about people’s lifetimes all day long. I’m fascinated by people’s stories. I ask a lot of questions! I’m surrounded by old things, and I love it!

I was recently having a conversation with a friend about my first stuffed animal named Leppy, though technically I think she is a Cheetah. I still have her. I still consider her my protector. I remember she kept me safe in my dreams. I’ve moved all over the USA over the years and I didn’t hold on to much, but I held on to her. Thinking of her brings back so many memories.

I’ve also been blessed to hold onto to many long-term friendships. My oldest is now just over 40 years. I’ve known a handful of closest friends for 35 years, which includes my partner. I remember playing a name game called True Love with our names in fifth grade, our names together gave us a very high score for true love. The beauty of these friendships are the stories and the growth. We can go long stretches without talking and then pick up like no time has passed at all. I have one friend who I met just over 13 years ago, our relationship has based around our spiritual journeys which have aligned since the day we met. Her and I talk every week. Whenever I say I’m reading a book with a friend, that’s usually her. These old relationships provide my life with so much tremendous depth. Then there are the friendships that are relatively new, but something about them feels so old and familiar. Those always tend to come with lots of surprises.

I’ve fallen more in love with my life the older I get. It took me awhile, but I learned how to be my own best friend. Doing that took time, but in the old, I found new life.

Today, I commit to appreciating what is old. Just writing the words puts me in a deep state of appreciation. Tears are welling up in my eyes as I begin thinking about all the amazing people and things to appreciate. Just looking at this picture, I’m taken back to this ancient forest in North Carolina where I walked in total AWE as I tried to see the tops of these amazing trees. I felt so incredibly small, yet apart of something so vast.

Memories of family and friends come flooding back as I think of dancing in my grandparents grand ballroom on Christmas Eve with all my cousins. I remember running up and down the stairs of their old colonial house that once housed my mom along with her 12 brothers and sisters. I even remember specific creaks to let me know if the person was closing in on my hiding place. Then I think of meeting my oldest friend hiding behind the opposite sides of the same rock in my front yard as our moms introduced themselves to each other. So many amazing memories.

When I sit in appreciation for what is old, I have a peace about me. I feel grounded, like these trees. Notice, it’s the energy of love, abundance, and peace tying all of this together.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #274

I’m grateful for what is NEW. Living in abundance is about paying attention to the blessings in front of me. There are a lot of new things in front of me right now like new life (baby ducks and birds galore), new bird visitors, new adventures, new books, new experiences with loved ones, new opportunities, and so much more. There is always something new that graces my day, even if it’s simply the new day. When I think of what is new there is so much to be grateful for. I love putting my focus here because it makes me feel instantly abundant.

Today, I commit to appreciating what is NEW. There is a lot of new happening in my life right now. I’ve been having so many wonderful adventures via Zoom, nature, kids, friends, animals, and so much more. I’m even getting to appreciate a new bed, room layout, and paint job in the main part of the house. My new bird feeders are bringing in all kinds of new birds, which I LOVE. One of my favorites is this male red cardinal who will sit in the tree by me and sing which of course is to bring in the female who comes and visits, but is still shy with me around. Most of my new experiences I don’t even have to leave my house for.

Being able to appreciate the new helps me not feel deprived from limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When I can appreciate what is new, I have things to get excited about. Even if I’m starting a new routine, experiencing the new makes me feel alive. I used to fool myself into to thinking that life had to look a specific way in order for me to be happy. What I’ve realized is that I’m happy when I live in the energy of love, abundance, and peace. Finding new ways to stay in this energy keep presenting themselves to me.

I’ve noticed a huge shift in the messages that are playing in my head throughout the day. I’m blown away on how quickly I’m able to spot my slips into the energy of fear, lack, and separation and bring myself back into love, abundance, and peace. The speed is definitely new! Daily aligning with love, abundance, and peace offers new growth, new tools, new AHA moments, new shifts, new awakenings, new things to appreciate, new states of AWE, and new discoveries. When I started this, I didn’t know how long I would be able to keep this up, but I keep getting new ideas and inspirations every day! I love all the new people I’ve met on this journey. My exchanges with them are a big part of what keeps me inspired. This has been such an AMAZING adventure!

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #273

I’m grateful for how perspectives change, shift, and expand.  The best thing I ever did for myself and my mental health is to understand that my thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are just perspectives. They are my perspectives and seeing them as perspectives gives me space to see and listen to other people’s perspectives with an open mind. I am open to see if my perspectives are serving the highest good or if they are keeping me prisoner to chaos and drama. If I get too involved in my story, I just want to be right.  Insisting on being right isn’t love, so if I want to be living from a loving place, I have to question perspectives that go against what love is. This is why I love how perspectives change, shift, and expand, because there is always a different way to perceive something. If the way I’m choosing to perceive what is going on isn’t serving me, I don’t HAVE to look at it the way I’m choosing to. If something isn’t serving me, it’s not serving the highest good for others, because LOVE always serves the highest good, and what isn’t LOVE doesn’t serve me. 

Confusing love with other things doesn’t serve me either, which is why I have the definition of love posted multiple places around me. If you’ve been following this blog or this series, I talk about the definition a lot, because having that definition at the core helps me decide when I’m thinking, acting, writing, and speaking from a loving place and when I’m not. Reading so many books truly helps me keep my mind open to all kinds of perspectives. I’m amazed in the interesting ways others see and live in the world. Other people’s experiences help me to gain clarity on what it is I want for my own life. I don’t have to agree, like, or want something for my life, and I still can connect with someone in the energy of love, abundance, and peace. Some of these actually help me to really expand my perspectives in ways I never thought about before.

Today, I commit to appreciating changing, shifting, and expanding perspectives.  I’m so grateful to get the opportunity to explore different perspectives. I’ve watched so many of my perspectives change, shift and expand over the last four decades. When things are going well, I’ve learned to read a lot books. These are the times where I feel REALLY open to be inspired. Then there are those times that are a lot more challenging.  I’ve noticed some things to help me there too.

I can still CHOOSE to be moody, grumpy, edgy, etc. Those times give me the opportunity to look within and see what isn’t working in my thinking and believing. I know when I’m tired; I don’t always make the best choices in my perspectives. I can get defensive quickly. If I add hungry to that, watch out.  Hunger feeds my story. Knowing these things keeps me open to tips on how to make sure I get enough sleep and eat regularly. When I’m feeling hormonal, which I have learned to spot, I know that is another time I’m going to be more apt for my perspectives to lean towards a story that provides a little more chaos, so I really do my best to repeat, “How is this story serving me?” That question is a reminder that I’m choosing perspectives that are keeping me in the energy of fear, lack, and separation. I have found that physical movement like stretching, dancing, cardio exercise, and other physical excursion can definitely help me re-align my perspectives. When I do that, I’m open to change, shift, and expand in a way that is serving the highest good. The movement is LITERALLY moving around blocked energy, and give me space to take my focus away from my story.

BREATHING is a really powerful tool and so under appreciated. Simply paying attention to my breath helps ground me in what I’m feeling, which helps separate painful feelings from the energy of fear, lack, and separation. When I can do this, I simply look at the feeling and imagine that feeling is being embraced by angel wings (which is for me means love), then I breathe through it. Once I see and hold the feeling with clarity, I can release it. I know if it worked by watching how my perspectives shift.

Today, I’m definitely celebrating my ability to appreciate this, because it changed my life. It continues to change my life daily!

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #272

I’m grateful for unexpected connections. This has been happening a lot lately. I keep getting surprises how information, people, books, and wisdom are aligning in the most beautiful of ways. With my focus being on living in the energy of love, abundance, and peace, I get to see the connections within this amazing energy. I have never spent this much time dedicated to this journey, so I really had no idea how it would look at day 272. I didn’t know that I could have so many moments being in the state of AWE so close together.

I’m writing this after I attended a Heart Wisdom Zoom panel that I’ve mentioned in the series quite a bit. Today, there was a mother and daughter on who wrote a book together. Among the attendees there was also an author who writes and coaches women about having relationships with difficult mothers. We didn’t know we were getting a mother and daughter surprise. She got see this beautiful healthy exchange, and I got to see and hear just the wisdom I needed to help me be the mother I wanted to be. These connections were unexpected and magical. I wasn’t even planning on writing about this story. I knew the topic I was writing about today, but like I’ve said before, I don’t have any idea what will come up until I get in front of the computer. I love that I had an unexpected connection to inspire this piece even more.

I’ve also been having some amazing connections in my readings. My friend and I are reading the Wisdom Codes by Gregg Braden right now. In the book there is a section about wisdom codes for protection and the “Our Father” prayer was mentioned. I know the prayer, but I had never seen it as a protection prayer. I was really trying to figure out the power behind that prayer in this context. I put the question out to the Universe and the Universe LITERALLY answered! My friend Kiersten had just written a piece (click to read) about this book called the Ghost Photographer by Julie Rieger. I don’t know why, but I felt led to get the audiobook right after reading the piece. I just felt like I had to listen NOW. I did and low and behold she talks about using the “Our Father” prayer for protection!!! As if that wasn’t enough, multiple unexpected connections keep popping up and it has only been a day since I finished the book.

Another unexpected connection happened when I was finishing up another book called You Recharged by Polly Campbell and I wrote a review on Amazon, because I loved it. Polly had just recently interviewed me for her podcast, Simply Said which will be airing in mid-May. Amazon doesn’t post their reviews for at least a couple of days, so there is no way she could have seen it. She emailed me within a couple hours of me hitting submit to tell me she had written a review for my book—talk about unexpected connection!

Today, I commit to appreciating unexpected connections. The bird in this picture was one of those unexpected connections. I will never forget this amazing bird. He could barely see, if he could see at all. He hung around the house I was staying at in North Carolina. Every day he stayed close by as we talked on the porch. I was so impressed on how he navigated everything and how some of his bird pals would help lead him into the feeder. Watching this little guy inspired me daily. When I had to leave, I was sad to leave him. This unexpected connection touched my soul.

I’m excited to look out for some unexpected connections today. There is always something as long as I stay present and connected to the moment. I hope you have a great unexpected connection today too!

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #271

I’m grateful when I see connections I’ve never seen before. The more open my eyes are, the more I see. Each day brings me little miracles. I know that wherever I put my energy, I will see more of it. This is why I’ve been doing this series. I want to see more love, abundance, and peace, so my focus is in creating more of that energy within in order to create more in the world. I love getting to watch how this works. Along this amazing journey, I keep having new awakenings and AHA moments at every turn. I love when I get to notice some new connection. My latest happened today.

Not too long ago, I decided to get a special journal just for questions for the Divine. By writing the questions down, I’m seeing clearly what I’m actually asking. The thing I didn’t know is how much faster the replies come by writing the questions down! When I’m clear, I can focus my energy on seeing the solution. I stay open to receive it. The last week I’ve been seeing a plethora of new connections and the inspiration running through me reaches new heights daily. This truly is an amazing journey!

Today, I commit to appreciating the connections I’ve never noticed before. By drawing energy to this commitment, I open myself up to see more, experience more, and appreciate more. Now, this goes both ways, if my questions revolve around the energy of fear, lack, and separation, I will be looking for answers matching that energy. The answers will show up in that energy, because that is where my energy is. I’m seeing how this works in every area of my life. If I can get to a place where I’m in the energy of love, abundance, and peace, even if I’m feeling something painful, the answers come from the energy of love, abundance, and peace.

Here’s my process that has been working for me to help me notice things I haven’t before:

  1. Write down any questions I have in the energy of love, abundance, and peace.
  2. Ask for a VERY clear message or sign when the answer is being revealed.
  3. Ask for assistance in staying open enough to see the answers.
  4. End with a thank you (abundance) as if I know the answer is already on its way to me.
  5. Stay open to see, feel, read, write, or hear the answer (Expect the unexpected).
  6. Once the answer is revealed, write a thank-you note (abundance) being specific about what I received.

I’ve got some hard answers when I’ve been aligned with fear, lack, and separation. I remember desperately pleading and then what I got back was a challenge where I had to face all levels of fear, lack, and separation. From that, I found the answers. I used to think that is what I had to go through in order to get clarity. Now, I’ve realized that it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s not, “No pain, no gain.” I can find clarity in the energy of love, abundance, and peace. Let me tell you, discovering the answers in this energy feels AMAZING! The last week I feel like I’ve been on this amazing high as more and more is revealed.

I recently was interviewed by best-selling author, Nita Sweeney (You can read the interview by clicking here). That interview seems to have been a catalyst for so much beautiful wisdom coming into my life. I don’t think it’s hurting me that I’m constantly feeding my brain through reading either. Between physical books and audiobooks, I’ve been having all kinds of unexpected connections, but I will talk about that more tomorrow.

With Love, Abundance, Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #270

I’m grateful for the little things. One day I was driving down the road with my son and I yell at the top of my lungs, “LOOK, LOOK, LOOK!” A pink spoonbill glided by us. There was something about the pink bird flying from the brown trees that seemed magical to me. I love that I get excited over these kind of things. I also get excited about finding that hidden treat and a cool morning. EVERYDAY, I get to experience some little thing that excites me, even if it is watching the squirrel hanging from his tail eating the bird seed. Life is filled with so many opportunities to ignite AWE. If you wonder why I see so much, it’s because that’s where I put my focus.

Today, I commit to appreciating the little things. The only way to appreciated the little things is to be present for them. If I’m not present, I miss all the amazing little gifts that are put in front of me throughout the day. Where I focus my energy is more powerful than I once knew. I used to say, “I hurt myself everyday.” Guess what, I did. The reason I did was because I put that energy of hurting myself out there. When I stopped telling and believing that message, I stopped hurting myself. This is why I tell myself that I find little things to ignite my joy, passion, and inspiration EVERYDAY! All I have to do is stay present and the moment will come to me.

When I’m stuck in my head, I go outside and take three deep breaths. Then I simply look around. Doing this helps to bring me back from anywhere I’ve gone in my head. Most times all I have to do is look up to see a cloud or stars in the sky. When I’m emotionally moved, my energy shifts.

Are you slowing down to appreciate the little things?

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #269

I’m grateful your journey is for you and my journey is for me. It feels so empowering to allow those words to flow through my fingers. I love that I’ve gotten to the place in my life where I can truly appreciate this sentiment. I’m not living anybody else’s journey but my own. I’m responsible and accountable for how I choose to live my journey. I’m not the judge of someone else’s journey and when I choose to be in that space, I’m operating from a place of fear, lack, and separation. If my energy goes into being responsible and accountable for what I allow in and what I project out, I better serve myself and others. I can only ever be an example through what I do.

I’m learning (notice present tense) to focus my energy not what someone else is doing wrong, but how to I contribute to the solution and not the problem. If I’m stuck in the problem, I’m not serving anyone from that energy because it’s coming from the energy of fear, lack, and separation—I’m manifesting more of it. If I’m embracing the solution mindset, my energy is coming from love, abundance, and peace and I’m manifesting more of it.

On my journey, I’m learning to see that judging other’s journeys doesn’t feel good. I like feeling good. I found that contributing to the world from the energy of love, abundance, and peace makes me feel good, so that’s the journey I’m committed working on daily to live in. Plenty of people choose this and our journeys all look different, because that is exactly how it is supposed to be. Universal messages of love, abundance, and peace feel connected on an ENERGETIC level, not a story level.

I connect to people with like energy (like magnets), it can take one brief interaction and I will feel connected to someone even if it’s just for a brief period of time. I also feel my energy keeping me at a safe distance from others because of where their energy is. The more I practice these skills, the better and faster I get at acknowledging the energy attracting and repelling. I wrote about that on Day #231 (click number to read more). I’ve actually written a lot about this throughout the series because, energy is what the series is all about —the energy of love, abundance, and peace and fear, lack, and separation.

My journey becomes less about judgments and more about where the energy takes me. I’m still practicing, because judging others is a long lived habit. Each time I do it, I get the opportunity to go deeper. I also work on not judging myself and allowing myself to be responsible and accountable for my choices. This helps me use every experience where I notice my energy in fear, lack, and separation to help me grow and expand into the best version myself I can be moment to moment.

I have so much respect for other people’s journeys who look much different than mine. I’ve seen people use all kinds of different types of pathways to align them with love, abundance, and peace. I love when I’m offered seeds from their journeys. Then I get to choose whether or not I want to plant them in my own garden. I get to decide whether to nurture the seed into a way of believing and living. I get to figure out if it’s a beautiful flower, but not right for my garden. I will simply appreciate the flower in their garden. Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean we have the right environment to host it, and that is OKAY. Understanding that I don’t have to be right and appreciate different ways to feed the energy of love, abundance, and peace is one of the most beautiful gifts on my journey.

As a parent, I get a lot of opportunities to learn about what is mine and what is not. My hope is by leading by example and not by the do as I say and not as I do mentality, I will help my kids see examples of what it means to live in the energy of love, abundance, and peace over fear, lack, and separation. My hope is through my honest communications they will get to see the opportunities to learn from each step they take on their journeys as I learn from mine. I know they will be learning from my example no matter what energy I align with moment to moment. With me, they see the example of of someone who takes responsibility and accountability for what is theirs. I don’t pretend in any way to be perfect and I don’t expect that of them. I keep remembering how important it was for me to experience life the way I did in order to be where I am today. How can it be any different for them?

Today, I commit to living my journey and letting you live yours. I have no idea what is best for someone else’s journey. There are so many ways that people can choose to live in the energy of love, abundance, and peace. There are also so many ways people will choose to live in the energy of fear, lack, and separation. My job is to tend to my own garden and offer seeds from what I grow and nurture. What someone else does with those seeds is not my business. I’m not hear to tell anyone that my way of aligning with the energy of love, abundance, and peace is the only way. I’ve had someone tell me that they can’t live like I do. That was them simply saying they didn’t want the seed I was offering at the time, and that’s okay. That’s their journey. There are people who are going to want to plant a lot of the seeds I offer, and that is their business too. I can celebrate others living their journeys without wanting to plant a single one of their seeds in my garden. I can also choose to plant seeds that people don’t understand why I would want that seed in my garden. It’s all okay.

Here are some questions I ask myself:

  • Am I living by example aligning with the energy of love, abundance, and peace?
  • Am I tending to my own garden?
  • Am I working through the obstacles that keep me aligned with fear, lack, and separation?
  • Am I offering my seeds to others?
  • Am I helping to empower others to live their journeys?
  • Am I open to planting seeds that will help me align with the energy of love, abundance, and peace even more?
  • Am I open to hearing Universal messages of love, abundance, and peace?
  • Am I working through my own emotional triggers?
  • Am I serving others from a loving place?
  • Am I communication with others from a loving place?
  • Am I guiding others by example from a loving place?
  • Am I holding myself responsible and accountable for my feelings, thoughts, beliefs, words, actions, reactions, and responses?

In AL-ANON I remember many shares about the importance of keeping our own side of the street clean. That was a seed I took from those rooms and planted. When I do this, I live better, I serve better, and I love better. Writing these pieces daily helps me to commit to doing the work of living my journey as best I can, while also letting you live yours. I’m grateful for you who are reading this piece. Most likely if you’ve read it to this point, there is something that resonates. If you feel called to come on this journey with me, you are welcomed with open arms. I trust that whoever is here is exactly who is meant to be. As they say in AL-ANON, “Take what you like, and leave the rest.” Wishing you a beautiful day and hoping that you embrace and enjoy your journey wherever it takes you.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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