Feel-Good Friday Book Series: I am What’s Wrong


BOOKS THAT GAVE ME SEEDS TO THRIVE (Click link for the introduction to the series)

I am What’s Wrong by Sheila M. Burke is where I will begin this Friday Feel-Good Book Series.  I’m starting here for one main reason, I am What’s Wrong gives the reader tools they can use right NOW in this very moment to take steps toward a better life and a better humanity. This book definitely contributes to keeping my passion for life pumping. 

I read the book at the beginning of the summer, and I was excited to share the tools from the book with my two kids. The book is a quick, yet powerful read. As a person who wants to do good in the world, I know that sometimes I can get caught up in thoughts that I’m not doing enough. Sometimes those kinds of thoughts can eventually take people to thinking thoughts that get them to stop making any efforts to better the world. Those kinds of thoughts are dangerous and destructive, not just to the world, but to ourselves. How we treat the world is a reflection of how we treat and think about ourselves. 

When we feel separation within ourselves, we project separation out into the world. Burke writes, “Unity is understanding that even though I do something differently than you do, we can both want world peace, a healthy planet, or respect for all mankind.” She shows us how differences don’t have to mean separation. No one is going to think or do things exactly like we do, so why not see others as a learning opportunity instead of having to start the negative cycles that the feelings of AGAINST stir up inside of us. 

The part that makes this book so good for families is all of the convenient lists. I’ve had some wonderful conversations with my kids about the lists within these covers. I leave the conversations feeling excited and inspired. We all leave the conversation with concrete ways to live better. 

I am What’s Wrong is a great book of reminders for me. The first thought that came into my head when I got into the lists was, I need to pull this book out when I’m feeling defeated by the negativity and violence in the world. It’s definitely a book that helps humanity thrive. 

Favorite Quote from I am What’s Wrong

(click on the book title to check out the book for yourself)

“Within each of us is the power to heal the world—simply by sharing ourselves with others.” 

– Sheila M. Burke

With Love and Gratitude, 

Rachael Wolff

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