Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #283

I’m grateful for companies whose leaders are devoted to contributing to the energy of love, abundance, and peace in the world. I love when I hear stories of CEOs serving their employees, their clients, and their communities. I love hearing about leaders who give credit to their teams and show them gratitude by helping them live better lives whether it be financial, health, wellness, security, or all of the above.

I LOVE seeing places who foster creativity, growth, and expansion. When employees are happy with where they are, they will perform better, which means they will serve their clients better. When people feel respected and heard that is contributing to the energy of love, abundance, and peace.

Whatever we feel inside, we project out—Consciously or unconsciously. I love seeing companies that understand this!

Today, I commit to focusing my energy on companies that are serving the energy of love, abundance, and peace. As I’ve said before, we have to have it inside in order to project it out. On a company level this means the foundation of the company needs to be healthy in order to project out the energy of love, abundance, and peace to it’s clients and the community at large.

An unhealthy company, like an unhealthy human, will project out that toxic energy even if it is disguised in sunshine and flowers. The surface isn’t what matters, it’s about what lies beneath the surface.

  • How is the company serving their employees?
  • What kind of environment is it?
  • How does management treat their teams?
  • How do people within the company treat each other?
  • Is there respect, opportunity, and loyalty?
  • How long do their employees stay?
  • Is there a high turnover?
  • Do they motivate their teams through the energy of love, abundance, and peace or fear, lack, and separation?

Once I know how the operation looks inside, I get a good feel for the authenticity of the company as a whole. I know that narcissists can lead any type of company. Even if the company looks great on the outside, if a narcissist is running it, there will be a lot of darkness to what goes on behind closed doors.

The good news is that there are a whole lot of companies out there where their leaders are aligned with making the world better, which is what aligning with love, abundance, and peace is all about. These are the companies I want to focus my energy on. Leaders aligned with fear, lack, and separation will try to tear these companies and their people down, but that is why I always go back to how the employees are being treated. Then I look at how the leaders treat people they do business with. Big companies always leave trails to figure out who they are, we just have to follow them without listening to headlines that want us to love or hate them. The truth lies beneath the surface and I absolutely LOVE when I find those leaders who are serving their employees, communities, environment, and world from the energy of love, abundance, and peace.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World —Click title to learn more

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