Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #345

I’m grateful for waking up intellectually. When I was in school, I loved to learn. I had a teacher in middle school who helped me feel empowered by the perspective that my education is for me. It doesn’t matter what teachers and parents thought, I was in charge of how much I wanted to invest in myself. Once I left school, I invested time in learning about all different kinds of things. When I went back to school in my mid-thirties as a single mom, I dove deep into absorbing as much knowledge as I could. Feeding the intellectual piece of me is definitely part of my daily wellness practice. I love knowledge. That is part of why I appreciate the times we live in. If I have a question, I have endless FREE resources to find the answers and/ or different perspectives of what the answer could be. There is always more knowledge to absorb. Now, I simply make the choice of where I want to invest my energy in developing my intellectual strength.

Most of my time is invested in understanding how humans operate. Let’s just say anything that effects humans’ thoughts, perspectives, and behaviors interests me. I’m fascinated how everything is connected. I love learning about people’s different approaches to living life. I don’t just invest my time in understanding the best parts of humanity, I spend a lot of time learning about why people hurt other people. Feeding that part of my intellectual wellness actually helped me not take what other people do personally. It helped me release carrying the victim mentality from past traumas. I used to wear my past trauma on my sleeve, which was very painful for me and anyone I projected my unhealed trauma onto.

Today, I commit to igniting my intellectual pursuits. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I make time for what is important to me. Taking care of my health and wellness helps me be the best possible version of myself. That doesn’t just serve me, that serves every person, place, and thing that I encounter. Unhealed me projects those unhealed parts out in the world. In order to align my energy with love, abundance, and peace, I have to stay in-tuned with what is going on within me. Investing my time and energy into keeping my brain stimulated in healthy ways is essential to my well-being. Here are some questions I use to ignite my passion to pursue knowledge:

  • What do I feel I could learn to serve humanity better?
  • What do I like spending my time learning about?
  • What challenges in the world would I like to help solve?
  • What knowledge would serve my life to understand?
  • What knowledge am I interested in to help me serve the highest good?
  • How can I use the knowledge I absorb to serve others from the energy of love, abundance, and peace?

One thing I’ve discovered along the way is that we can’t do and be everything to everyone. We each have different passions and interests. When those passions and interests are aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace, they serve the world in amazing ways. I don’t invest my energy into “should-ing” other people. I may try to help them figure out their thing, but I know I can’t make them passionate about what I’m passionate about. They would be best to feed their passion aligned with love, abundance, and peace wherever they feel strongest about. If I break down the nine areas of wellness, I can see how people I know are stronger in specific areas. People will come to others to help gain strength in those particular areas where a person’s strength is. We need people to invest their time in specific areas to help bring others up. I trust that each person is here with their own experiences that guide their journeys.

Each person has a choice if they want to contribute to the world from the energy of love, abundance, and peace or fear, lack, and separation. We can feed our brains with knowledge and we will absorb it differently based on where our energy is while we are obtaining it. The same knowledge can be used to feed our light or our darkness based on how we absorb the knowledge. What we put our energy into, we make stronger. That’s why I spend so much time making sure my energy is aligned with what I want to see more of in the world. I know I’m just as capable of spinning my perspectives to feed the energy of fear, lack, and separation in the world. By igniting my intellectual pursuits fueled with the energy of love, abundance, and peace, I’m bringing in the most I possible can from the knowledge I’m obtaining and absorbing.

Today’s mantra: I’m responsible and accountable for how I absorb knowledge and what I do with that knowledge to serve myself and others.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021, Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World available in audiobook, ebook, and paperback (click on title to learn more)

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