SOW #31 Focus on the Good Thought with Special Guest Angie DeMuro

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If you or someone you love is facing a cancer journey, you won’t want to miss this episode. If you saw the episode on transformational humor, this is a lived example of it. In her episode she even provides powerful support tools for those on the journey. Even if you aren’t on the journey and just want to be inspired by a magical soul, this is your podcast!

Who is Angie DeMuro?

Angie DeMuro is a published author, illustrator, artist, cartoonist and instructor. Angie has been creating comics since she was able to hold a crayon. She used to practice drawing the Peanuts characters all through grade school.

In adulthood Angie self taught herself the art of cartooning and created her first published comic strip titled “Angie” in 1998, which was written about her daily life. The strip was published in the Pittston Dispatch and the Citizen’s Voice newspapers from 1998 until 2007. A small collection of the comic strip was published as a book in 2003.

In 2015 Angie created her 2nd published comic strip, also about her daily life, but this time the focus was on her youngest son and his diagnosis of Asperger’s. The strip, titled “Life with Mr. M.” was published regularly in several national and international magazines including: Autism Parenting Magazine; Autism Asperger’s Digest; and Autism Bay Area Magazine.

Angie is the author and illustrator of several Picture books. Her work has been published in Spanish, Croatian and Czech.

In August of 2018 Angie was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer. She took that and focused on the ‘positive’ part of the diagnosis and began cartooning her way through this chapter of her life. It inspired a collection of uplifting images for other women facing cancer. In 2019 that collection was turned in an inspiration talk given at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia PA. That talk has been turned in to an illustrated book to be released late 2023.

She is attuned to the Master level of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Method of Natural Healing, attuned to the Advanced Level of Integrated Energy Therapy® system, a Master Teacher in Magnified Healing®, attuned to Angel Healing® Level I and a Medium and intuitive artist.

She is the proud mom of three sons, two of whom are now adults, and she recently became a new grandmother. She happily lives and creates in a cozy farmhouse located in Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, youngest son and their silly sheepadoodle, who is usually at her feet.

Focus on the Good Thought

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With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff, author of Letters from a Better Me and host of the From A Loving Place with Author Rachael Wolff Podcast

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