SOW #30 Kindness Starts with Self with Special Guest Holly Dickinson

I watched Holly’s Facebook page grow in miraculous ways as she shared her journey with gratitude and healing. Her posts reach millions of followers and she shares her journey in such an authentic way. I’ve wanted to have this conversation with Holly for a very long time. She walks the walk. I’m so excited to share our conversation with you.

Who is Holly Dickinson?

Holly Dickinson is a Thought Leader, Lightworker, and Author of multiple books. She is a mass-influencer of 8 million followers on social media. The message she shares as a Joyful Guide is about creating joy in your life. She is a mother of 4, now grown kids. She has been a facilitator for multiple organizations as an outdoor education trainer and a Master Trainer for Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics. She is a Certified Laughter Leader. She guided 100’s of girls as a troop leader in Girl Scouts for 22 years and received several awards. She received the highest adult honor award from the Boy Scouts of America.  She is currently writing a relationship book with her husband of 30 years, a book on creating joy and happiness in your life now, and a children’s dragon book about kindness. 

Kindness Begins with Self

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If you don’t have the time to dive that deep, listen to the shorter version on your favorite podcast platform (see menu on home page for podcast links). You can also watch the shorter version on Facebook or Spotify. Enjoy the episode!

Holly’s Books/Journals

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Rachael Wolff, author of Letters from a Better Me and host of the From A Loving Place with Author Rachael Wolff Podcast

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