A Poem to Say Goodbye


On January 26, 2011, my father passed away. He died of prostate cancer which was diagnosed at stage 4. He actually lived for awhile and was able to establish wonderful relationships with my kids during their first few years of life. He wanted to plan his final celebration before he left, and he asked me if I would write a poem for his prayer card. My dad was always a fan of my writing. I wrote the poem and even got to read it to him before he passed. I stayed at the hospital with him those final days and held him while he took his final breaths. We healed our past hurts and moved on to have a beautiful relationship. I feel honored that I was able to write this poem to celebrate his life and accomplishments.

Celebrate me

Celebrate my abilities.

Celebrate me today,

For I got a Golden Ticket home.

The storm has ended,

So feel me in the warmth of the Sun.

I am free now to be with you in a different way.

When you feel a push of passion,

A splash of laughter,

That’s me being your cheerleader from above.

Remember me when you are stuck,

And need to move.

I WILL be there.

I have only left my body,

It couldn’t keep up with me.

I have not left you,

I am here in every memory.

Keep me alive by living out loud.

Don’t stop because of me.

Keep my voice in your head,

And my memory in your heart.

Celebrate Me.

My prayers go out to all the families and friends who have had to endure the loss of loved ones.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff



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