When Life Gets Messy Declutter

Whether life gets messy in your own heads or around us, the process of physically decluttering our lives is cathartic. When we declutter, we make room for peace. We also make room to open new doors, and see the importance of closing doors that no longer serve us.

One of the most obvious examples I have of how this works is my own bed. When I was fearful and not ready for any real relationship, I cluttered my bed with my art, research, books, and writings. I made just enough space for me to sleep, but not even straight. As I started doing the work I needed to do to open myself up, I actively decluttered my bed. Slowly, I cleared the way all the clutter and sharp edges. I made room for love to come in…and it did.

Make space for the life you want. When we declutter both mentally and physically, life becomes less messy and more consciously designed.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff ©2020

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