Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #326

I’m grateful I know how to enjoy time alone. I actually love being alone. I love time to read, write, think, walk, exercise, move, organize, adventure, create, and just BE. I love paying attention to the thoughts going through my head and figuring out if they are serving me or not. I’ve helped transform some of my most destructive stories into productive ones in my times alone. I love the sound of taking deep cleansing breaths and releasing them with no distractions.

However, I didn’t enjoy being alone when I didn’t like my company. When I started loving myself is when the time alone became sacred. I had to get rid of all that horrible self-talk before I could enjoy being a healthy companion to myself. One of the things I would tell myself is, “I can only attract back what I project out. If I don’t show myself love and respect, I won’t attract people who want to reflect it back to me.” As I’ve written about before, it was a a psychology professor that opened my eyes to see I was simply attracting mirrors of how I treated myself.

Today, I commit to enjoying my time alone. Just writing the sentence, my mind goes to reading, lounging in the pool, organizing, and meditating. Even dancing to my favorite 90’s alternative popped into my head. I feel joy just thinking about how I’m going to spend this dedicated time.

I love to start my dedicated time alone with myself in the mirror to make sure my self-talk is matching what I want to be creating out in the world. I listen for if I’m being kind, loving, and respectful or critical, judgmental, and self-defeating. I have very few days there anymore, but I like to make sure I don’t need to tweak any messages I’m fueling myself with. I like to go into alone time in the best possible head space.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me

4 responses to “Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #326”

  1. So true! In order to know oursleves it is very important.
    Rachael, I have been thinking of sending you a video of a song and I would like to know how it felt like. One day in your post, you were talking about how words have energy associated with them. So I wanted to send you this. I wanted someone who can’t understand the language or the thing which is sung🤣. Only if you would like to experiment, I am dropping a link here.

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