Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #329

I’m grateful I KNOW it’s okay to live a different experience than someone else. I release a giant exhale as I write and speak these words. It took me a long time to get here. I remember the first time I saw the saying, “Not all who wander are lost.” I am an adventurer, a wanderer, a dreamer, a brainstormer, a creator, and a believer. I wander inside and outside. I’m on a journey of creation. My journey scares people sometimes. It scares me sometimes, but I wouldn’t change my journey for the world. The way I experience life has allowed me to live exactly as I do and create better daily. It’s not always pretty, sometimes it’s downright ugly, but EVERY experience gives me an opportunity to create. That’s how I CHOOSE to live and see my reality. Whether you agree or not, doesn’t change anything about my choice. I believe we all get the opportunity to create our journeys and how we choose to see things is part of our creation, so how someone else sees my journey is about their creation, not mine. Likewise, how I see someone else’s journey is about my creation, not theirs. Just that statement is empowering and scary all at the same time. When I’m judging, comparing, and/or evaluating someone else’s journey, it’s only EVER through the lens that I’M creating my life through.

Sam Beasley and B.J. Gallagher wrote a book called, Your Life is Your Prayer. I recently listened to them speak on a Heart Wisdom Panel, and it really helped me to see and connect to how I’m living my journey of creation. How I took in what they were saying is through the lens of my own journey. How you take in what they say is through the lens of your own journey. What each of us gets from the experience may be completely different, somewhat different, somewhat similar, or very much alike, but it won’t be EXACTLY the same, because our journeys are meant to be different. Here’s the link to the Heart Wisdom Panel if you choose to dive in:

Here’s what I love, when I accept that it’s okay to live a different experience than someone else, it frees me to be and live authentically. It’s not about what others think I should do or how someone else thinks I should live. It’s not about whether I’m disappointing someone. It’s not about feeling less than or more than someone else. My life is about my choices and experiences and what I want to do with them. Other people’s journeys offer me wonderful opportunities connect, create, and expand. In the end, I decide how I want to live this life and these experiences I’ve been given. Each of us gets that choice. The reason I exhale so deeply is because I finally FEEL the power of it being MY CHOICE!

Today, I commit to embracing MY experiences and HOW I experience them. I have read countless books with countless perspectives on how to live life. In the end, how I CHOOSE to experience MY life is MY choice. I’ve had those experiences where people say things like, “I have no idea how I would handle what your going through” to “WOW, you’re killing it.” How they view my experiences and interpret my choices is their journey. How I embrace MY experiences and HOW I experience them is mine. It’s my choice to make other people’s experiences a part of my journey or not, and that is for better or for worse. The choice is all mine.

I’m working through some VERY interesting experiences right now and the most beautiful part about it is seeing how much I’ve grown by how I’m choosing to respond to these experiences. I’ve had a lot of revelations just in the last week and I’m watching how my thoughts are setting me up to create some pretty amazing things. I can’t help but be in complete gratitude for where my journey continues to take me. I’m enjoying discovering new ways to connect to my experiences on a deeper and more creative level. The longer I’m on this journey, the more choices I unveil.

What do I want to create today?

I can’t change any of my experiences, but I can change how I experience them in this moment. I can look at any block that I’ve created for myself and make a pathway instead. What is amazing is that when I acknowledge the choices I’ve made that have blocked me in the past, and I take responsibility and hold myself accountable for them, I begin see opportunities to create from a different space. I can’t even tell you just how DIVNE the timing was that I saw that Heart Wisdom Panel. I woke up today feeling alive and ready to create.

For me, this process of creation begins with me embracing my experiences and how I experience them, because when I wish things aren’t the way they are or I wish I lived something differently, I’m denying my experience’s value in my life. Every experience I have is a part of my journey and there is something to gain from each and every experience. To live in the energy of love, abundance, and peace over fear, lack, and separation, embracing this is key to aligning my energy. If I think things should be different than they are for me, I’m living in fear, lack, and separation, I’m creating blocks. When I embrace it all, I’m living in love, abundance, and peace, I’m creating pathways with some amazing scenic views!

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me

One response to “Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #329”

  1. ‘Your life is your prayer’, what a good title. It’s amazing how we all have different paths that eventually lead us to oursleves. I am also diving deep from some time and many interesting things have come to me.
    I can’t see the link in your post. I think itsan issue with the new update of WordPress app.


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