Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #334

I’m grateful I KNOW how to ALLOW myself to shift. This hasn’t always been true. There was a point where I fought myself as I shifted and it made for very unpleasant experiences. When I could finally understand that nothing is meant to stay the same, I started embracing the shifts in my relationships and my circumstances. As long as I’m here and alive, my life will continue to shift. I can move with the shifting tides or I can resist them, but that won’t stop the shifts from happening. ALLOWING is me moving with the flow of the water.

ALLOWING myself to shift is a part of me accepting what is, which I wrote about a few days ago. When I stop feeding myself stories of fear, lack, and separation about why shifting is bad, I have space to consider how shifting is healthy, good, natural, and inevitable. By allowing my thoughts to go with the flow of these shifts, I align myself with the energy of love, abundance, and peace. When I try to fight the shifts I align myself with the energy of fear, lack, and separation. I’ve watched this all play out in the world and within my mind over and over. The more vested I am in living my life from a loving place, the more I see the importance of ALLOWING the shifts to be what they are and make decisions accordingly.

Today, I commit to BEING open to shift what’s not working in my life. If I have thoughts, beliefs, circumstances, or relationships that aren’t working in my life, I stay open to allow myself to shift away from the energy that is keeping those things in my life. My energy is ALWAYS aligned with what is happening in my reality. If I don’t like something, I have a specific area to focus on. I’ve often find that part of my challenge is my own energy resisting shifting.

Let me give you an example. I stayed in a very unhealthy relationship because there was something familiar about the dynamic. There was a comfort in the chaos. I didn’t even realize I was just living in a pattern of thoughts, beliefs, and actions passed down to me. It didn’t matter that the relationship on a logical level didn’t make sense. It didn’t matter that the relationship didn’t fit the new ideas I was getting about what a healthy relationship looked like, I was holding on to staying in these patterns that kept me in the relationship. I had to get to the place where I was willing to become AWARE of, ACCEPT, and take ACTION to figure out what felt right to me. When I did that, I opened myself to shift…eventually, I shifted right out of that relationship and it felt good, natural, healthy, and inevitable. Because I didn’t resit the shifts that were going on inside of me, I made space for peace within the shift.

Every day there are shifts. Some are so small I don’t notice them on a daily level, and others are so big that I feel the BANG. Today, I’m committing to ALLOW myself to be open and free to shift. I’ve noticed that when I give myself permission, I open the doors and can spot more of them as they are unfolding in my life. As I do this today, I will be stating my gratitude for noticing the shift and the shift itself. The reason why is because I have to be in the energy of abundance to experience more of it. If I want to see more shifts, I have to start by acknowledging and noticing the shifts that I’m seeing no matter how big or how small. Every choice I make throughout the day can cause a shift. Walking can create a shift in my health; writing gratitude lists can cause a shift in my energy; talking to a friend can cause a shift in my energy alignment; reading a chapter in a book can cause shifts in my spiritual connections; and the lists go on.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me

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