Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #340

I’m grateful for waking up physically. Waking up physically is about becoming aware of how my body is working with me and how I’m working for or against my body. This includes my organs, tissues, blood, oxygen levels, nerves, muscles, bones, etc. When I feel connected to my physical being, I get messages on how to take better care of my physical being. When I’m awake, I’m open listen. I’ve had stints of being awake physically, but I’ve also learned that it’s easy to slip out of it if I don’t do the work to keep myself connected there. I think of it like plugging in a lamp. The lamp won’t light up the room if it is not plugged in and turned on. I’m responsible and accountable for how I’m working for our against myself physically. It’s nobody else’s job to listen to what my body is telling me, it’s my job, and when I listen, I FEEL BETTER because I take BETTER care of myself.

I slipped back into ignoring the messages of physical being. When I did that, I started eating unconsciously, which means hello excess sugar, calories, fried foods and overall unhealthy choices. I stopped working out daily, which means I wasn’t fueling my energy system. I began paying the price physically and mentally! I recognize that I was working against myself. Being able to see this clearly WITHOUT shaming myself is such a beautiful gift. I got to see how it feels to take care of myself physically, then I got to see CONSCIOUSLY what it looks like when I don’t.

Now, it’s about choosing to stay awake. I’m so grateful for waking up physically!

Today, I commit to igniting myself physically. Since I’ve experienced what it feels like to ignite myself physically, I KNOW how to do it!! I KNOW how great it feels when I start doing the daily work to get everything happening inside me working together. The thing I love about this is that it’s like any well run relationship—it’s about healthy communication, love, and respect! When all my parts are communicating, I work better. When I show myself love physically (not talking about vanity), I do things to show my body love, which means sleep, exercise, eat, and drink to show my body love in healthy ways. I show my body respect by listening to it tells me it needs and not doing anything in excess. When I do these things, I have a beautiful and healthy relationship with myself physically and I remain awake.

Today, I will ignite myself physically by putting my energy into showing my body love and respect:

  1. Wake-up and stretch (stretching and feeling all the sensations throughout my body as a I stretch gets my body and internal organs communicating right away)
  2. Take a walk
  3. Meditate
  4. drink lots of water
  5. Make healthy food choices
  6. Exercise my brain (invest time in learning something new)
  7. Mindfully listen to my body throughout the day
  8. Remember to take long deep conscious breaths throughout the day
  9. Exercise my body and get my heart rate up
  10. Get 8 hours sleep

Something I’ve got clear on along the way is that we make time for what matters to us. If I want to project that I’m worthy of someone else’s time, love, and respect, I need to show it to myself. Waking up physically is just ONE of the areas of wellness, which you will see in the days to come, but the beautiful thing is that once I started investing myself in my complete wellness, all the areas begin to work together cohesively instead of against each other. Practicing wellness makes me appreciate the oneness of how it all is interconnected. It’s like putting together a puzzle, I need each piece to see and appreciate the whole picture.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021, Author of Letters from a Better Me

7 responses to “Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #340”

  1. 💜 Have you heard about energy medicine? I recently found it from one of Hay House event and the techniques are good to connect with our body. I am trying those techniques.

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      • Yes, I do the daily energy routine. I am doing it from some days. I feel peace and I don’t feel as agitated as usual ( I guess you know the feeling when we are in energy of complaining and we don’t have clarity). Moreover, I do it to ground myself too😇

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      • I also identified some points where I was holding pain( I think these are energy blockages). I massaged those points for some days and the pain was gone. The main thing is I never realized there was pain there. When Donna asked in her session to massage the points and check whether there is any pain, only then I get to know. Now I am trying it for more points in my body. It also helps in strengthening my own energy.

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