Quotes That Make My Soul Sing #13

“The other side of resisting fear is freedom.”

Tara Brach, PH.D., Radical Acceptance

In a world of avoidance, there is great pain. Pain to our bodies, minds, souls, and relationships with both ourselves and others. Even our relationship with the God of our understanding becomes a prison when we resist what is really going on inside of us. I’ve discovered that my feelings are there for a reason. Fear is not my enemy, but my pathway to seeing myself more clearly. Discovering the difference between feeling my feelings without living in the energy of those painful feelings has set me free. Living in repetitive stories of fear, kept me prisoner. When I face the feeling of fear, the fear lessens. I then have the clarity I need to make healthy decisions. My friend Sarah once told me, “The instructions to get out of the box are on the outside of the box.” Understanding that I had to get out of my story, allow myself to feel, and step out of the box, has helped me to make healthier decisions for myself, which then benefits all the relationships in my life.

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With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff, Author of Letters from a Better Me


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