SEEDS OF WISDOM: The Best Part of Me is my Sensitivity with Special Guest Molly-Ann Leikin

Who is Molly-Ann Leikin?

Molly Leikin (rhymes with bacon)

Molly Leikin (rhymes with bacon) was born in Canada and defected with her baritone ukulele to California during a 58 below zero blizzard.  The Department of Public Social Services in Los Angeles seemed to think she’d be a good Emergency Intake worker.

Yeah, right.

But she played hooky.  Instead of making home calls to her welfare clients, she made the rounds of the music publishers in Hollywood.  Starting as a staffwriter at Almo Music (A & M Records), then Interworld, then Chappell, over the next ten years, Molly had her songs recorded by almost every pop and country artist on the Billboard charts. 

An Emmy nominee, she has written with or for everyone from Katy Perry to Cher, Tina Turner, John Travolta, Placido Domingo, Anne Murray, Billy Preston, Glen Campbell, plus Yitzi Ya Ya and the Yo Yo’s.

Now she has a house full of gold and platinum records, plus an Emmy nomination.   She also wrote themes and songs for over six dozen TV shows and movies, including “Violet” that won an Oscar.

The author of seven previous books on songwriting, her INSIDER SECRETS TO HIT SONGWRITING IN THE DIGITAL AGE, was published in August 2022.   

An entrepreneur, Molly also created Songwriting Consultants, Ltd., the international song consulting firm, where she’s mentored two generations of Grammy winners and nominees from her website,  

She also makes a world-class sour cream cinnamon-raisin coffee cake, nuts optional.  And flosses. 

The Best Part of Me is my Sensitivity

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With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff, author of Letters from a Better Me

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