SOW # 29 Power is in the Pause with Special Guest Jess Dewell

Who is Jess Dewell?

Jess Dewell, Business Advocate, weaves this purpose into her
daily work – and encourages every business founder take time
to do the same.

She nurtures the willingness to internalize this mantra, so that
business leaders achieve shared meaning and effect change
management and collaboration across all their organizational teams to
build lasting tenacity.

The Founder of Red Direction and the popular Host of The Voice of
BOLD Business Radio, Jess is an advocate for business owners to grab
chaos by the hand and grow their companies.

She is also a nationally-recognized forthright voice for collaboration
and transformation – a business development tactician using proactive
approaches to instill thoughtful short- and long-term strategy and
consistent decision-making for every level of an organization.

With over 20 years of advising, consulting, and facilitation experience in operational strategy and culture, Jess has seen results in several industries and has served over 10,000 business owners and executive teams (including four of her own businesses). Her primary objectives include:

  • Support business owners and executives as they plan and handle ambiguity;
  • Train on and model problem-solving skills;
  • Facilitate strategic planning and realignment executive off-sites;
  • Evaluate and consult on alignment mission and values, specifically as they relate to long-term
    goals and daily processes;
  • Involvement as a board member focusing on operations and culture.

Both practical and unexpected, her views are indispensable for tuning in to the unique selling points of
products, services, and organizations.
Jess’ Act To PLAN method cultivates a mindset to:

  • Feed intellectual curiosity and flexibility;
  • Focus decisions on maximizing profitability;
  • Empower founders, executives and decision-makers to move toward business excellence.

Founders and executives working with Jess advance strategies that connect all business
initiatives happening at any given time.
This clarity provides structure to set priorities on multiple projects across different teams, resulting in
transformative forward movement across the organization.
As owner of Red Direction, Jess advises, facilitates, and keynotes about business excellence and what it
means to lead today. Adept at recognizing underutilized knowledge, she combines such information with
team members’ passion to create strong connections.
Realistic, introspective and always with dash of humor, her overarching goal is best summed up as:
“Curiosity and exploration are key, as treasures exist both on and off the beaten path.”

(From Jess Dewell’s professional bio.)

Power is in the Pause

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Thanks again for spending time with me and my special guest. I hope you enjoyed what you heard. Don’t forget to come back to enjoy another conversation.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff, author of Letters from a Better Me and host of the From a Loving Place with Author Rachael Wolff Podcast

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