Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #226

I’m grateful I absorb lessons that make me a better version of myself. Someone once told me that we repeat the same lesson over and over until we learn what we need to learn. I heard this when I was a teenager and it has stuck with me. The lessons start off like a tap on the shoulder and by the end feel like getting hit upside the head by an emotional 2×4. The Universe is trying to help, but sometimes we just take awhile to get it. I just feel blessed when I do, because it means I can stop repeating the lesson. I’ve learned so many amazing things by being dedicated learning and absorbing the lessons that encourage me to live better.

Most of the lessons I’ve learned are all about being conscious of the perspectives of truth (beliefs) I allow to to dictate the direction of my life. If I’m buying into a painful belief that keeps me prisoner of my own thinking, I have to be open to learn lessons to break me from that belief. The more tightly I hold onto keeping a painful belief, the harder the lesson. This means I may have some not so nice people showing up in my life to show me how I’m not taking care of myself, my boundaries, and my life (extended out to the people I love and serve).

The farther I’ve gotten on this journey, the lessons come more like taps on the shoulder again, sometimes a little shove, but NOTHING like the emotional 2x4s that I used to get beaten up with because I was so stubborn. One lesson took ten very long years, and I felt like a complete shell before I realized what was happening. That was the beginning of one of my most transformative paths I’ve ever stepped on, and why I’m here doing what I do today. I love absorbing the lessons that make me a better me.

Today, I commit to absorbing lessons that will help me to be a better version of myself. Today is a reading day that I’m so excited for. The one beautiful thing on this journey is that we don’t have to learn and absorb lessons the hard way, unless we tell ourselves we do. I did for a long time. I don’t regret the learning process, because it got me where I am today. I prefer the way I learn now. There is not as much chaos and finding the answers are more like AHA moments rather than getting whacked in the head.

I have found that in order to get the lessons to stick, I have to put techniques into practice. Just reading things without doing the work, gives us the seed. We can hold that seed as long as we want, but until we plant it and do the work to nurture and feed it, the flower won’t grow in our own gardens. We just admiring it in someone else’s garden. This is why I wrote my book the way I did. I wanted people to see the phases and the process of the internal journey of a better me. To many of us want to look outside of ourselves to find the best versions of ourselves, but the truth is the outside world can only ever give us seeds, we have to have the strength, bravery, commitment, perseverance, hope, faith, and courage to plant them and do the WORK to make them grow. That is no one else’s journey but ours. No one else can do it for us.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World (Click title to find out more)

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5 responses to “Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #226”

  1. Hey,
    You know what I read your post daily, and only today I have seen that you have given the option of preview to your book.

    I immediately read that😐 and Ahh! It seemed like it’s me who has written all this. I can relate with it totally. It was looking like my journal. And from sone days, I was thinking all of that due to some recent experience 😑
    I was getting really uncomfortable reading all that, as I remembered everything. I am 21 but know how it feels like, the feeling of getting numb, and later on regretting why I just can’t smash the person, that rage and all of those shameful feelings.
    I used to think that such type of things don’t happen in developed countries, but I guess it’s everywhere.
    And you know what, The recent experience I talked about. I was like, if this thing happens now, I am going to act with confidence and then again!! I can’t do anything. 🤷‍♀️ I am working on all of these and you know what, this is so strange that…there are men who support, who have helped me.. .This indeed is a proof that the problem is not with the masculine energy. But those people who harass or do such kind of things are far away fron their own masculinity and are lost.

    The comment went so long. But I wanted to tell you all of that.

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  2. I should have send you a personal message, but anyways you can delete my comment from here if you want. And there was much more to say😅

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