Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #225

I’m grateful I can connect situations in a loving way. We are capable of connecting situations through energy of fear or love. Two people can look at the same situation and see it through a completely different lens. Fear will tap into all the things we haven’t healed from the past and the fears we bought into about the future. When we react to situations from a fear-filled place, we often make someone else our enemy and stir up the blaming and shaming. When I learned that how I connect situations in my head was a choice, it opened me up to be creative in how I WANTED to interpret the situations around me. I found that when I connected situations from a loving place, I was more at peace in my heart. Anytime I bought into the chaos people in fear would spin, I would be miserable.

Connecting things from love or fear doesn’t change the facts of what is happening, just how they will affect our lives in the moment. I know I come up with a lot more solutions when I find connections to situations in a loving way than from a place of fear. Fear just makes me want to go to war and blame people, places, and things. When I connect situations in a loving way, I find the learning opportunities and determine what I can do in this moment to make a situation better. Even if a this moment the situation just gets better between my ears, which means the stories I’m telling myself, that is something I can work with. I know that with my energy aligned with love, abundance, and peace, I will live the best life I can and leave it better for the people around me.

Today, I commit to see the connections in situations FROM A LOVING PLACE. Just like most things you will read in my posts, this is a practice. When I started, I would catch myself making connections out of fear. Then, I would look at the situation and ask myself what I thought it would look like through a loving lens. As I got better at the practice, I would catch myself midway through a fearful thought spinning session and take a deep breath. This showed me I was making progress. It took a long time before my first response was to see the connections in situations from a loving place, and it still doesn’t happen ALL the time.

Sometimes I have to still work my butt off to get myself back to a loving place from a place of fear, but anytime I can make connections, it helps!! One of the ways I do this is to laugh at myself. I think about things I spent time worrying about that came out just the way they were supposed to, not because I spent all that time worrying, but because I just kept living one moment at a time, which is the only way any of us can live. When we focus on doing the best with the moment we have—RIGHT NOW, and stay aligned with love, abundance, and peace, beautiful things can happen. When I can get there, I feel at peace. How do I want to live this moment? My answer, from a loving place. If I want to live from a loving place, I have to process situations through that lens. This doesn’t mean that I’m naive to facts, on the contrary. I just do my best to take out the way I think things SHOULD look, because I know that will skew my view. I take the time to see the humans involved in the situation and put myself in their shoes when I’m trying to figure things out. If I can’t see their humanity, I will only see the situation from a place of fear.

Here are some of the questions I will be considering today:

  • What can I learn?
  • How can I serve?
  • How will I grow?
  • Who is the person involved?
  • Are the people involved aligned with love, abundance, and peace or fear, lack, and separation in the situation being discussed?
  • How do I stay aligned with love while interpreting this situation?
  • How do I stay aligned as I respond to others?
  • How am I connecting this situation in my head (through the lens of fear of love)?
  • How am I connecting this situation in my actions?
  • Is how I’m connecting the situation serving me being the best version of myself?

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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