Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #227

I’m grateful I understand the difference between positivity and living life from a loving place. Positivity has its time and place, but I find the need for authenticity is more beneficial for my health and happiness. When I would try to just be positive, I was in an internal war because that was not how I was authentically feeling inside. I couldn’t put my finger on why inside things still didn’t feel right and I still wasn’t manifesting what I wanted with all my outward positive thinking. I started seeing the signs of toxic positivity where my insides weren’t matching my outsides. Some people may confuse positivity with my mission, but living from a loving place isn’t about pretending we are somewhere we aren’t. It’s about being honest about where we are and embracing wherever that is with love. It’s about understanding that if I don’t show myself the love and respect that I deserve, I’m giving others the blueprint on how to treat me. In order to live from a loving place, I have to be honest with myself where I’m not being loving. It always begins inside. Whatever I am feeling inside projects out.

Today, I commit to being authentic where I am and embracing it from a loving place. When my mind is in a truly positive and loving place, I have no need to put anyone else down. I have no place for hate. I have no place for gossip of other people’s failures. The way I talk is different, even when I’m talking about the hard stuff. My focus is finding the good in the world. I know when I don’t carry the weight of past traumas by how I react inside to other’s pain.

If I’m not in an authentically positive and/or loving place, my thoughts of others and myself are much darker. I feel the difference in my body. I hear the difference in the words I use. I taste the difference in the food I’m attracted to. My focus is on seeing the bad in the world. I react to other’s traumas like mine are happening to me all over again. Toxic positivity can mask the pain of people (including me) stuck in the cycle of fear, lack, and separation. All the fear, lack, and separation is boiling under the surface, so the person will still attract more and more chaos no matter how positive they act.

What I learned is I can fake words, thoughts, beliefs, and actions, but I can’t fake where my energy REALLY is. The more honest I am with myself about that, the more often I choose to live from a loving place. This is my best chance of STAYING aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace more than fear, lack, and separation.

Remembering that I’m human and feeling is a part of the human experience. There are no new feelings. I’m not alone in any of the feelings I’ve felt, and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with having whatever feelings I’m having in the instant I’m having them. They are there for me to learn from, grow from, and expand from. Some of my darkest feelings led me to my brightest. Running, avoiding, numbing, suppressing, and/or pretending them away with positivity isn’t aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace. It’s aligned with the energy of fear, lack, and separation.

Even weeds that are bad for our gardens sometimes have pretty flowers. That doesn’t change the fact that they are smuggling the life out of flowers we are trying to nurture and grow. It’s our job to take care of our internal gardens, and we can’t do that by denying what is really there. Otherwise the weeds will take over, and we will be trapped in the energy of fear, lack, and separation until we decide to clean up what is there from a loving place.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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5 responses to “Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #227”

  1. So true, I too feel that being authentic is more important. I once wrote a post on similar theme. Faking positivity means suppressing the real emotions, which sooner or later will cone to the surface in more devastating ways.

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