Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #241

I’m grateful for Divine timing. When I think of Divine timing, tingles move through my body, tears well up in my eyes, and a smile creeps across my face. I can’t say I always understand the timing, but then there are those times when the AWE of it is revealed. I’ve had so many moments in my life that I once judged as bad timing later to reveal, I got exactly what I needed in that moment. Thinking of Divine timing truly brings me to a feeling of AWE. It reminds me to trust the process. It’s like looking at an exquisite painting close-up and not having any of the color blobs make any sense, then as we pull back, more and more is revealed. Finally, we look to see how the picture makes complete sense. Other times, the picture is abstract, so we might not make sense of the meaning, but we can still see that it is masterpiece when we stand back and appreciate it. I feel so grateful and blessed when I can be present enough to really feel the power of Divine timing. I can tingle for days and even weeks on those revelations.

It’s funny, I didn’t realize just how strongly my body reacted to the thought of Divine timing until writing this piece. I’ve written about it before, but I suppose because something just recently happened where all the elements aligned for a Divine timing moment, my body is still reacting to the AWE I felt in that moment.

I have a sign above my closet door that says, “Faith in God includes faith in His timing.” It’s my constant reminder that everything is as it should be. In my darkest times, is when I have to go within and figure out how to turn on my inner light. I trust that in our dark times of humanity, we are being challenged to all find our inner lights. They will look and shine differently, they may be different colors, strengths, and streams, but the more light that shines, the easier it will be to find our way out of the dark. I have faith that more and more people’s lights will shine and that it will all be in Divine timing.

Today, I commit to appreciating Divine timing. I can tell you right now, I will be crying tears of joy by the time I’ve finished this piece. There are just so many amazing moments that have happened to me and that I’ve witnessed happening to others. Whether it be a house selling in Divine timing to align with dream house being for sale, or leaving a toxic relationship in Divine timing of something even worse happening.

Recently, I had asked the Universe for some guidance. I was talking to a friend and she recommended a book. I wrote down the name of the book and the author. I knew I needed to put the book on my reading list, but of course didn’t order it right then so the note I wrote myself got buried in one of my many notebooks. A few days later my mom brings me a stack of books from her friend’s house. I flip through them quickly, and then go back to this one book…the name sounds so familiar. I flipped through all the piles of notebooks on my desk looking for the name of the book my friend she suggested. YES, it was that book. No one can tell me that wasn’t Divine timing. I knew I wanted to get the book someday, but the Divine answered—NOW!

I have countless stories throughout my darkest and my brightest days that had Divine timing moments to appreciate. Divine timing is a perspective of truth (belief). It’s a truth for me in the way I lead my life. It’s a perspective that aligns me with love, abundance, and peace even on my most challenging days. If I trust, there is a purpose to the pain, it helps me walk through my pain open to learn. Lately A LOT has been coming to me about working with the Divine One who is the definition of authentic love. This week’s posts will be about Divine guidance, Divine connections, Universal messages, and more. I hope you will follow along.

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With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World (Click title to get learn more and order your copy on audiobook, audio CD, ebook, or paperback)

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    • I love seeing your comments. They always bring a huge smile to my face. I just had to go back and see how I missed them. They probably came in when I couldn’t respond right then, but I responded in my head so I didn’t realize I didn’t respond 🤣. I hope you have a beautiful week. Keep doing what you do and lighting up the world!


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