Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #254

I’m grateful for the power of loving actions. Years ago, I had a horrible definition of love. It was a subconscious definition. The definition was based on a love hurts mindset, which means everything I came up with had to end with how love hurts. I was under appreciated, that’s because love hurts. I was abused, that’s because love hurts. UGGGHHH…TOXIC! When I finally looked up the definition of love, I realized nothing I thought love was had ANYTHING to do with LOVE. This was an awakening moment for me. Once I could see what love was, I could see CLEARLY what loving actions were. The definition of love that I live by now is this:

This CLEAR definition helps me to see what love in action looks like. Acts of kindness, compassion, and empathy are all acts of love. Any actions that come from the energy of love, abundance, and peace are acts of love. Any action that comes from jealousy, prejudice, entitlement, envy, shame, guilt, ego, manipulation, lack of self-worth, or judgment are not acts of love. They are acts aligned with the energy of fear, lack, and separation. I felt like I needed to be really clear about the acts themselves before I jumped into why I’m grateful for the power of loving actions.

The energy around what I do for others and myself along with the energy of what others do for me feels completely different based on if the actions comes from a place of love or from a place of fear. Actions ignited by love carry an energy that fills me up and makes me feel expansive. When I’m giving or receiving from a place of fear, I feel depleted. Something inside me will be off. I don’t like it at all!

I know when my actions are loving, because there is no expectation about what I will get back, and I feel empowered by my actions no matter how they are received. When I receiving a loving action, I feel expansive. I embrace the gift for what it actually represents whether it’s a gift of quality time or something physical, it doesn’t matter. The authentic love I feel from the person giving is AWE-INSPIRING. When I’m aligned with love inside, I see loving actions all around me—TALK ABOUT FEELING EXPANSIVE! I often feel moved to tears from seeing loving actions in the world. I’m smiling just at the thought itself.

Today, I commit to focusing on loving actions happening in the world. When I focus on loving actions in the world, I’m putting my full energy into recognizing more love. If I can see and focus on loving actions in the world, I’m inspired to see more opportunities to do more loving actions in the world. This is a cycle that builds on the energy of love. When I give more love, I live more abundant, and that brings me peace. The more I can do this, the more I stay aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace DAILY.

This is important because I’m not in the energy of love every time I give, and I can FEEL it when I’m not. I pay an energetic price for giving from a place of shame, guilt, fear, lack, and/or separation. I can do something that is beautiful and take away from that by attaching negative energy to it. I do my best not to do this, but I’m not going to say that it doesn’t happen. My goal is to live fully from a loving place. It’s something that takes daily work and energy, just like living from a fear-based place does.

It’s not hard building up the loving energy to spot loving actions and give from a loving place. It just takes being conscious of my thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, and responses. Knowing a definition of love that resonates with me on a soul level helps TREMENDOUSLY. It helps me spot when I’m being loving and when I’m not. If I’m not being loving, I try to make sure I do everything I can to make sure I don’t feed that energy. Spotting loving actions happening in the world is one of my favorite ways to get myself aligned with representing the change I WANT to see in the world. There are so many amazing stories just a click away. I don’t even have to leave my house, so really there is no excuse not to focus my energy there.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World —Click the book cover to get your copy and start reading or listening today! Also available in paperback for your highlighting and note-taking pleasure.

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