Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #317

I’m grateful for creative ways to support each other. I love hearing, watching and/or participating in creative ways to help lift each other up. I’ve cried many happy tears being on the giving, receiving, and observing end of this. A creative showing of love and support is pretty magical. I just think of all the energy these acts of kindness can project out to the world.

I feel like in 2020 we got an extraordinary dose of people using their creativity to support each other. From people showing their support to first responders in creative ways, to zoom groups and conferences, to loved ones sitting on the other side of windows to visit with elderly loved ones, and everything in-between like creative ways to celebrate graduates and milestones. I hope the spark this 2020 created will help all the souls we had to lose to COVID-19 live on through all these new ways we found to keep people connected even when people can’t be face to face.

For me, picture books and collages for friends and family was just one of the ways I got creative. I also found a lot of author support on Facebook groups. My publisher, Mango Publishing, also started the Wednesday Heart Wisdom Panel on Zoom early on during the pandemic, and it’s still going. Everyone is invited and for many of us it became a regular Wednesday heart lift. I still attend most Wednesdays and was even blessed to be a part of the panel as a special guest and guest facilitator on multiple occasions. I love being a part of this creative way to lift each other up.

Another thing I continue to do is connect via video calling to people I’ve met over this last year. I’ve met two people who I’ve gotten very close to over our regular video calls. I love that living in the same town is no longer a deterrent in building friendships that serve each other’s best selves. For me, it keeps me from ever feeling lonely on this journey of living my best life from a loving place.

Today, I commit to getting creative in my support of the people I love. As much as I can celebrate support each other, sometimes it’s REALLY important to bring my focus in to the closest part of my inner circle. SHOWING the people I love them in a creative way often sticks more than just telling them on a regular basis.

Today, I’m going to spend time getting creative. This doesn’t mean a complicated creative. It might be a simple gesture. I’m so grateful for the book my friend and fellow Mango author, Sherry Richert Belul, wrote called, Say it Now (learn more by clicking the title). Her book is all about creative ways to say I love you. Looking at her book gives me inspiration to build on.

The beautiful thing about getting creative in loving and supporting the people in my life is that I get a HUGE gift too. Just thinking of ways to show someone else support and love lifts my energy into pure alignment with love, abundance, and peace, which is what this entire series is about.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World — Click image to learn more

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