Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #337

I’m grateful for how creative ideas reveal themselves. I absolutely love the creative process. Much of my process involves Divine inspiration, which often leaves me in a state of AWE as the pieces are revealed to me. Writing this series has led to many AWE-filled moments as topics flow out of me so naturally then amazingly align as each piece fits together in this amazing puzzle. Even coming up with the idea to write this series was an amazing journey. I actually had to fall into my darkness in order to ignite the light inside of me.

I also love listening to people’s stories on how their creative ideas revealed themselves too. It can be an de-cluttering project, time management, homemade gift, vision board, book, blog, movie, painting, dance, meditation, art, life experience, the list goes on and on. Creative ideas in life have NO limits! Life is a creative process. I love watching how people’s perspectives on life create their realities. Every thought we have is creating something. The beauty for me is learning to consciously understand how these creative ideas manifest into reality.

Today, I commit to honoring my creative visions. Looking back, I’m in complete AWE of how my creative visions have unfolded in my life. Not all of them were pleasant experiences, but each of them were necessary for pieces to an ever revealing puzzle. If I look at one piece of the puzzle separate from the whole, I may not understand why the puzzle piece is so dark, but once the picture all comes together and I place the piece in the right spot on the puzzle, it all makes sense. I see creative ideas as developing the image on puzzle piece and then the manifesting of that idea into reality is the puzzle piece itself. How I choose to look at the puzzle pieces determines how they fit into the puzzle. Just this, what I’m writing right now is all being revealed to me…I just LOVE how these creative visions unfold!

I’ve made my life an incredible journey through honoring my creative visions. What I’ve discovered is I’m the ONLY one that limits how I create. Not all the pieces to my puzzle contain light. There are times I’ve felt lost in the darkness looking for my path out of the endless pit I kept dropping further into. It was my creative visions that took me into the pit and brought me out of it. Understanding this is what empowers me to make my creative visions work for me instead of against me.

Creative ideas are revealed from the energy of love, abundance, and peace or fear, lack, and separation depending on where I am at the moment. When I was writing my book, I had to consciously tap into the energy of fear, lack, and separation to write Part I. It was the most challenging but necessary parts of the book to write, because my past experience told me when I don’t go there, I miss a HUGE piece of the transformative process and I didn’t want my readers to miss the most revealing piece to how we create our realities from those dark places. Seeing life as a creative process helps me honor those dark pieces I’ve created just as much as the ones that hold the light, because it was in those dark places that immense sparks were ignited to set my soul on fire in the most amazing ways, like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

I’m honoring my creative visions today by being grateful for EVERYTHING I’ve created in my life. The more I harness this, the more conscious I become of what I’m creating in real time. I’m more discerning of the ideas that are being revealed. Pulling those creative ideas from darkness can create amazing works of art. Just think about books, movies, lifestyle changes, etc. that have all come from choosing a creative idea to run with. When I consciously can create from the dark, I manifest a beautiful light as an end result. It’s only when I’m unconscious of what I’m creating that I get lost in the dark and fall back into that pit.

Just seeing what came out of me in the process of writing this piece puts me in AWE of this incredible journey. When I wrote this topic down a week ago, I had NO IDEA what would be revealed to me when I sat down to write this. At the time, I didn’t have the experiences I needed to see it all.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021, Author of Letters from a Better Me

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