Do It Now Challenge #3

The “Do It Now Challenge” is a part of the “What Can I Do Now” series. If you are feeling overwhelmed and need to break things down to taking one moment at a time, this series is for you. Self-care is putting our oxygen masks on first. With all the busyness of the world, we sometimes forget that our health and wellness matters. Bad things happen when we neglect our own care—just do it now!

Take Three Conscious Breaths

I don’t care if it’s in the bathroom, just do it! Slow down and just allow yourself to fully BE for three DEEP breaths. I like doing a 10-second inhale and a 10-second exhale. My most common space to do this is while I’m washing my hands. I feel the water, smell the soap, listen to the sounds, notice textures, look at the bubbles, and appreciate the clean air.

I’m not adding something to my day by doing this. I’m simply taking an activity that I already do and consciously breathing through it. Sometimes, I just sit because in that moment, what’s important is to slow down completely to give myself the space I need.

Just simply enjoy the space these three conscious breaths give you.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff, author of Letters from a Better Me and host of the From A Loving Place with Rachael Wolff podcast

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