Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #93

I’m grateful for my personal growth. I’m so grateful for how far I have come since I was that awfulizing (a term my mother loved using) teen, whose stories spun so out of control that I thought that I shouldn’t be alive. I’m grateful I God said, “No, you are not done here.” I’ve had to learn some VERY hard lessons over the years, but I took them all on head first and here I am. The word collage below is one I did a 35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp. It’s a project I have participants do to align with the person they want to project out to the world. I put my definition of love as the place that grounds me in my purpose. I have multiple creations I’ve made that I surround myself to remind me of the journey I’m on. I know it’s my job to align myself with the energy I want to project out to the world. That is why I’m here writing books and blogs. It’s why I do coaching and conferences. I keep growing, changing, and shifting into the best version of me available in the moment I’m in and I’m continuously learning to be and do better. By aligning my energy, I’ve attracted some of the most beautiful souls to my life who help take me further and deeper.

Today, I commit to honoring my personal growth. I’m taking time to reflect on how far I’ve come. Our journey here isn’t about being perfect. It’s about learning, growing, changing, shifting, and transforming into the best version of ourselves that we can in this moment. I still learn a lot daily. I just had a big growth spurt to see stories that were still aligning with the energy of fear, lack, and separation. I didn’t fail because of the things that surfaced, I was given an opportunity to grow. How we talk to ourselves shows our growth.

When I look in the mirror now, I love the woman looking back at me. I love my soul. I love how God sends people to me that I can help and/or who can help me. Each day, I live my life as a better me and that is because I truly honor my personal growth. I don’t just brush myself aside. I’m on my priority list. I know that when I take care of myself, I’m aligned to help others in a more authentic and loving way. When I neglect myself, I make up stories that effects how and why I serve others. I start expecting them to be different than they are. My personal growth has shown me what is mine, what is someone else’s, and what is God’s job.


With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #28

One of the ways we can align our energy is visiting memories that bring us pure joy. Being able to get ourselves to a place of complete gratitude for being able to visit certain places might be exactly what we need to shift our energy away from any energy of fear, lack, and separation. This DOESN’T mean getting into the energy of wishing you were in that place right now. When we do that, we are saying that we aren’t appreciating being where we are. That works against us. I know, the business of aligning our energy can get tricky. If you think you want to be somewhere that you’re not, pay attention to what your body does. Nope, that tight energy is one of the signs we aren’t aligned with love, abundance, and peace. What we want to do is tap into those feelings of looking out to the mountains, sea, fields, flowers, forest, etc. Wherever you have felt that feeling of AWE just from being where your feet were. Now, if you are there, go into the place of gratitude and notice how expansive that feels. Notice the feeling of pure joy. Try to remain there for three conscious breaths. I’m often brought to tears in the best of ways. Tears are my body’s reaction to feeling a feeling fully.

Today’s challenge is to make sure we have a list of local places we can go where we can feel that pure joy. It may take some exploration, but whatever it takes, DO IT! It’s funny, it took me YEARS to figure out that my area had a bunch of different nature preserves that were filled with oak hammocks and beautiful scenery. Many of the pictures you see in my posts are from local areas around my house. The one below is where I walk daily in my neighborhood. EVERY day I walk I see a bird, flower, cloud, tree, decoration, or something that brings me to a place of joy. It’s funny, I’ve been walking my neighborhood for a long time, and I thought I’ve always been observant. I started doing these daily challenges, and all the sudden I feel like I’m seeing so much more. IT is AMAZING!!! When we create space for joy, more joy appears. I love the way that works.

With Love, Gratitude, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #26

Living in love, abundance, and peace means we are living in where are feet are. We have to be living in the present moment in order to be AWARE enough to align with the energy of love, abundance, and peace. Since being where are feet are is so important, I thought it was a great day to appreciate our legs! I thought about this while I was writing in my gratitude journal. I’m grateful for what show me about where I am. Whether they are feeling good, or they aren’t. They are a big part of what guides my day, so they definitely deserve my love and appreciation. I’m grateful for all the beautiful views I’ve got to see because my legs have the strength to walk long distances. I’m also grateful for the days that my legs tell me I need to take a break. During the pandemic, I’m extremely grateful for my legs, because going outside and walking in nature are a HUGE part of what has kept me grounded and centered during these transformative times.

Let’s give our legs some TLC (Tender Loving Care). Today, focus on where your legs are taking you. What can you do to appreciate your legs today? I’m feeling joy just thinking about all the wonderful things I can do with the legs I was given. For any person who doesn’t have legs or their legs don’t work, there are still plenty of ways to appreciate what not having the use of them has shown you. Some of my favorite heroes are the ones who embrace their situations from the place of love, abundance, and peace no matter how DIFFERENT their lives looks to the outside world. We are our only excuse not be living in love, abundance, and peace and choosing fear, lack, and separation. Our circumstances, no matter how dark, come with gifts. We will never see them if we keep our energy aligned with fear, lack, and separation. The choice is ALWAYS ours.

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With Love, Gratitude, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #25

Three conscious breaths is one of the most wonderful and simplest of tools I’ve learned on my journey of aligning my body, mind, and soul with the energy of love, abundance, and peace. I’m so grateful for every time I’m in a stressful situation and I remember to pause and take my three conscious breaths. I’m grateful when I’m experiencing the most amazing moment of AWE, and I remember to take my three conscious breaths. The only way to understand the power of doing this is to do it yourself when you either need space from menacing thoughts or to breathe in a moment you want to hold onto in order to stay present in it. Three conscious breaths gives us space.

The more I learned about what living in the energy of fear, lack, and separation does to me physically, mentally, and emotionally, I have used this tool to help me to shift into the energy of love, abundance, and peace. Sometimes those three breaths are all I need. Other times, there is more work to do and the breaths help me to be brave enough to dive into the work. No matter why I’m taking the three conscious breaths, I’m so grateful that my inner guidance system gives me a warning more often now that I’ve been using this tool for quite some time. Just simply be present with your breath. I breathe in to the count or ten and out to the count of ten three times. As I’ve mentioned in my book and other posts, this is so awesome because you can do it while doing your daily activities to get yourself centered and grounded.

I don’t know about you, but my days can get VERY busy! If I don’t have something on my calendar or on a reminder, I can often let it slip by me. When it comes to the practice of conscious breathing, I’ve used the method of a phone reminder, which just reminds me to breathe at a specific time a day and I use specific daily activities like the bathroom, shower, washing dishes, or walking the dog. Just getting into the habit of using this tool regularly eventually got me to the place where I remember to do it when I’m faced with stressful information, situations, places, things, and people. I also remember to do it while I’m experiencing extreme joy, the AWE. When we stay in our conscious breaths, we are living present, because only in the present moment do they even exist. Whether you are experiencing stress or pleasure, enjoy using this amazing tool today.

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©Rachael Wolff 2020

Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #20

If we believe and expect someone else to do or be something that we are not being the example of ourselves, we are living in fear, lack, and separation. I’ve learned through a lot of VERY hard life lessons that until I started being the life partner I deserved, I was going to take what I wasn’t doing for myself out on any partner I attracted. I also figured out the even HARDER lesson that if I didn’t treat myself with love and respect, I showed others it was okay to do the same. For a very long time, I believed being treated disrespectfully was normal. How I treated myself kept me living in fear, lack, and separation daily. Learning to an AWESOME and AMAZING life partner to myself has made it so much easier to live in love, abundance, and peace daily. I’m so grateful I learned to be the best life partner that I can be on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean I’m perfect, nobody is. It does mean when I slip into the energy of fear, lack, and separation. I treat myself with compassion and respect as I remain accountable and responsible for making the necessary changes to move me back into love, abundance, and peace. Today, I’m very grateful to be my life partner.

Are you ready to commit to being your ideal life partner just for today? This journey is a one moment a time, one step at a time, and one day at a time process. The more present we can be with ourselves, the more capable we are of living in the energy of love, abundance, and peace daily. If you struggle wondering how to be your own ideal partner, take today and write down everything you think your ideal partner is. Now, what are you not doing for yourself that is on that list? I’ve written a lot about this both in my book and in my blogs. Making this list and doing the work to become everything on my list changed my life in the best of ways. I had to see the list to realize how much I wasn’t doing to be the ideal partner to myself. Once I did the work, I attracted a person to me that is a reflection of what I project now, and it is the relationship that is right for me. What I realized is I used to want the fairytale, but what I wanted as a life partner didn’t look like what was actually in the movies at all! Now, I do check-ins with myself to make sure I’m being the best ideal partner that I can be to myself. All my other relationships benefit from me doing this, because I don’t put unrealistic expectations on others when I’m fully aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace. When I’m not, I feel it in my relationships and I know it’s time to check-in again. Be your best date ever today!

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #19

In order to align ourselves with love, abundance, and peace we have to stop taking what other people say and do personally. If their energy is aligned with fear, lack, and separation, that is what they will project onto whoever will listen and/or align with their energy. My mom has been telling me, “It’s none of your business what other people think of you” since I was thirteen years old. What people think of us and others is based on what beliefs (perspectives of truth) they are attaching to within themselves and the SAME is true for us. We have choices in how we respond to others through acquiring new ways to look at things and that is something to be VERY grateful for.

I have a choice to internalize what someone says, or I can be grateful that I can come up with other ways to look at it that trigger my compassion. The things I choose don’t have to be true for someone else, I’m only responsible and accountable for how my thoughts make me feel and what energy I project out. If it helps me feel better by not taking it personally and seeing other possibilities that help me to align me with love, abundance, and peace—I’m okay with that. I’m grateful for my choice Not to take others personally by seeing seeing these options in perspectives instead:

  • Others are only every projecting what is inside them.
  • Someone who says hurtful things to others is really saying those things to themselves (They are their own mirror).
  • Some people who are supporting abusive people or are abusive see abuse as normal, so they don’t even see what they or another person are doing doing as abusive. Possibly because they have been abusing themselves on an unconscious level or they have suppressed verbal, mental, emotional or physical abuse from someone else it’s not my job to CHANGE them, just be aware that I don’t have to align or agree with any energy I don’t want to be apart of and make the healthiest choice for me and my energy.

Today’s challenge is one I love doing as I scroll social media looking at posts and comments. I choose to see what anyone is saying and doing as a projection of what is going on inside of them.I love figuring out if a person is coming from a place of love, abundance, and peace OR fear, lack, and separation. Focusing my energy on seeing through this lens also helps me to look at what I’m saying and doing more clearly.

If someone in my family or any of my other relationships interacts with me in any other way than loving, respectful, and considerate, I take my ego out of it (making how they are acting about me), and try to ask questions that help me to see what is going on inside of them. I find questions are so much more productive than any statements I make, not saying I don’t do it sometimes (LOL). I find that making statements doesn’t tend to get me to the heart of the issue, and it also doesn’t help the person I care about figure out why they are projecting their energy of fear, lack, and separation onto me. I really hope you will try today’s challenge and see what a difference it makes in your energy. I get a natural high when I do it, which is how I know my energy is aligned with love, abundance, and peace.

With Love, Gratitude, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #17

A key factor in aligning our energy with love, abundance, and peace is truly appreciating what we already have. Today, my focus is on the people in my life who show up. I feel the tears welling up as I start to think about how truly blessed I am to have so many amazing people in my life. I have people who have never met me showing up to support me in all kinds of ways, and I’ve been blessed to have opportunities to show up for others. I was supposed to be starting my book tour when things started shutting down and I wasn’t alone. I met so many authors on-line who were in the same boat, so we showed up for each other and it was absolutely beautiful. What could have been a very isolating experience wasn’t, because we came together. We have been celebrating each other ever since. I’ve actually met so many people since the pandemic in Zoom sessions and Facebook groups, people I probably would have never thought to connect to if it weren’t for this pandemic. I’ve gotten closer with family members near and far. I’ve also got to spend time with my two teenagers who were usually running around non-stop before the pandemic gave us this time together. Abundance in my relationships is off the charts, and for that I’m so grateful. I am not taking for granted the love that is extended to me and love I am so grateful to give. I’m so grateful to have a partner who despite how far away he is, he knows how to show up daily. I hope you will join me today celebrating the people who show up for you.

In order to create more abundance around our relationships, we have to show appreciation for the people who are already in our lives. If we don’t appreciate the efforts people make, we can easily start living in the energy of lack by focusing our energy on what people aren’t doing or what we wished they would do. I’ve seen this in my own life and other people’s lives. When we focus our energy around fear, lack, and separations in our relationships, we create and maintain cycles of chaos. Even when I was just beginning to find myself near the end of a toxic relationship, I made sure I to write things I was grateful for because it helped me to keep raising my energy to love, abundance, and peace, which is what gave me my strength to leave and permanently shut the door out of love for myself. I didn’t sink to a level that would take me down to create the same pattern with someone else or go back to him. If we want healthier relationships in our lives, this practice is so important! It’s not about what someone else is doing to us. It’s about the energy we are carrying within us—that is what we are responsible for! When our energy is aligned with love, abundance, and peace that is what we attract to our lives. People who aren’t in that energy may distance themselves, leave, or rise-up to meet our energy, but whatever they do is their business. Being responsible and accountable for what we are putting out into the world is our business.

With Love, Gratitude, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #14

It’s been two weeks since I started this journey and so many blessings have been coming my way. Committing to spend time daily in the energy of love, abundance, and peace has created space for some wonderful shifts. Amazing people, deeper meditations, money, closeness with my kids, and so much more. I’m feeling good about taking care of myself body, mind, and soul and my relationships are benefiting from it.

Committing to live in the energy of love, abundance, and peace does NOT mean I’m not going to feel grief, sadness, fear, anger, etc. When I have these feelings, I FEEL them fully, learn from them, and when I’ve done my work with them, I release them. Feelings show up for a reason, but when we live in the ENERGY of fear, lack, and separation, we don’t find the beautiful gifts, because our need to live in fear, lack, and separation tells us we have to STAY in it. When we stay longer than we need to by numbing, avoiding, and suppressing our darkness comes out on others. We are in a constant cycle of things that will keep feeding that fear, lack, and separation cycle. What has happened to us in the past doesn’t have to keep up prisoner. We have to choose where we want to put our energy and wherever we choose to put it, is what will feed into our lives. Martin Luther King Jr. said it beautifully when he said,

“As you press on for justice, be sure to move with dignity and discipline, using only the weapon of love. Let no man pull you so low as to hate him. Always avoid violence. If you succumb to the temptation of using violence in your struggle, unborn generations will be the recipients of a long and desolate night of bitterness, and your chief legacy to the future will be an endless reign of meaningless chaos.”

-Martin Luther King Jr. 1956

From A Loving Place was born from inspiring words from the amazing humans who took the responsibility of passing down a legacy of love seriously. We aren’t going to end any of the fear, lack, and separation in the world, if we are choosing to live their ourselves. I’m making the conscious choice of which energy I’m choosing to feed daily. I hope you will join me on this amazing adventure if you haven’t already.

Today, my focus is on my centering practices. One of the things I talk about in my book is centering ourselves in our daily activities. One of the challenges I face when introducing new practices to my life is time, so learning to create centering practices around what I’m already doing is such an AWESOME gift. Washing my hands and washing dishes turned into a gift instead of a chore. Laundry gives me space to move and breathe. De-cluttering acts as an emotional cleanser. Traffic is time to listen to audiobooks that keep me centered. We can choose to look at anything from a place of love, abundance, and peace or fear, lack, and separation. Today, I will spend my day in gratitude enjoying each activity that gives me an opportunity to center myself.

I feel like a kid in a candy store right now. I’m actually giddy thinking of all the ways I can center myself. When I say centering myself, I mean becoming one with a moment in time. When I focus on doing this throughout the day, my day ends up being such an adventure. I’m thinking of the process of making my smoothie, and all the amazing opportunities that offers using every one of my senses. I’m going to have fun with this one. I hope you do too!

With Love, Gratitude, and Peace,


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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #13

Nature offers us so many tools to get to a peaceful place within ourselves. When we learn to start focusing on the abundance they provide us with, that’s when amazing connections begin to happen. I will be forever grateful to a banyan tree that taught me the importance of getting rid of dead weight so that my energy could be distributed to places that will make me stronger. Trees come with many answers if we stop, listen, and observe. Just sitting under trees as the wind moves their branches puts me at ease with the world around me. I’m reminded to breathe in the magnificent oxygen that they provide.

We make time for what’s important to us, so if peace is important, we must first start making time to be at peace. The world around us might be chaotic and frantic, but trees can offer us calm. If we don’t want to be in the chaos, we need tools to get our energy out of the chaos and into the energy where the best solutions lie—in our calm. Our best problem solving skills happen when we are in the energy of love, abundance, and peace, not fear, lack, and separation.

A practice I love to do is write down a challenge I’m facing, then sit under a tree and see what comes to me. I’m never opposed to climbing one either. It was when I was climbing a banyan, high in the branches that I became free from the chains that were holding me down. I asked for the wisdom and I got more than I ever could have imagined.

With Love, Gratitude,and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #12

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE my adventures. They don’t have to be big. Sometimes it’s to the nature preserves down the street, sunsets on the beach, kayaking, playing games with my kids, making a new recipe, or pool time. Other times it’s walking my neighborhood with my camera taking pictures of the flowers and wildlife. Then there are my summer road trips where I drive up to the mountains and visit family and friends. Each adventure small or large brings me an abundance of things to be grateful for. Just writing this short paragraph brings gratitude into my heart with so many beautiful memories. We have the ability to make any outing or experience an adventure. Making our lives adventures can take something so simple and make it extraordinary. It’s all in how we interpret the the experiences we have.

Today, plan an adventure. It doesn’t have to be big or overwhelming. Just put your energy into being somewhere you want to be in your head. Even if that means you are in your own kitchen cooking a new meal, so that would entail the going on the adventure to find all the ingredients. If you want to go big, plan a dream vacation. I mean really see yourself taking the trip. Put the energy into the enjoyment of the research and figuring out the places and people. In this exercise, you are NOT thinking about the money or anything that blocks you from the energy of going. Whatever adventure you plan, make sure you can get fully into the energy without blocks. If you feel yourself having blocks, try something smaller to start.

I once had this idea that I wanted to take a 6-week road trip with my kids. I looked at the route I wanted to take, figured out what family and friends would be easy to see, and had a lot of fun researching a ton of different areas. Next thing I knew, the money started showing up. Once my energy was fully aligned with the adventure without creating mental blocks in my head, the way started revealing itself. That was a road trip I will never forget. I documented some of it here. One of the greatest gifts of aligning our energy with love, abundance, and peace are the amazing adventures that come with it.

With Love, Gratitude, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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