#14 What Can I Do Now? Get Grounded!

When life feels too chaotic, it’s time to get grounded. My life can feel overwhelming and messy at times. Sometimes my plate feels so full that I just want to drop it and run. If it gets this bad, I’m so scattered that I start operating in autopilot. This isn’t safe for anyone. It’s times when I feel like I’m going to implode that I know it’s time to get grounded, but I can also catch it before I get to this point. The beauty of this is that getting grounded can only happen now.

Being grounded truly helps with all the decisions and choices we make moment to moment. When I feel grounded, I don’t feel wishy-washy when taking action steps. I feel confident in my choices. I know when even thinking about making choices is freaking me out, I’m not grounded.

There are so many different techniques I’ve used over the years, and some techniques only take a few minutes. If one doesn’t work, I move into another one. More intense chaos might take me committing to a daily practice, but it all starts with doing it now.

  • Standing outside with my feet grounded in the Earth, I take long deep breaths and imagine roots going from my feet deep into the Earth. I allow myself to feel the Earth’s energy coming up through me like it would a tree and just sway in the peace of the moment.
  • Being out in nature whether it’s a walk, trip to the beach, hike up a mountain, sitting by a waterfall, or just sitting next to a tree. As long as I’m NOT letting myself be distracted by any outside influences, it works EVERY time.
  • Use mindfulness techniques to move from task to task. I use my senses in everything I do. An example is if I’m eating, I’m paying attention to how the utensil feels in my hand and in my mouth. I’m smelling the food. I’m chewing the food to taste and feel every texture. No matter what the task, I’m full present to experience it.
  • A meditation where I imagine myself being rooted to the Earth and being fed all the nutrients I need to grow into a healthy tree.
  • Deep breathing where I just sit and focus on my breath.
  • Automatic writing where I set the timer and just write anything that comes to mind. This is like me pulling out the weeds that I no longer want to put my energy into. The energy goes back into feeding the roots of the things I want to grow.

These are just a few that have worked for me, and as I’m looking back on the list, I’m ready to do one of them now.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff, author of Letters from a Better Me and host of the From A Loving Place with Author Rachael Wolff podcast

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