24 Hours

“Uproot self—the channel-blocker. Do not plan ahead, the way will unfold step by step. Leave to-morrow’s burden. Christ is the Great Burden-bearer. You cannot bear His load and He only expects you to carry a little day-share.”

-Two Listeners, Ed. A.J. Russell God Calling

After a whole lot of praying and confusion, I keep getting messages to stay within the 24-hours I’m in. I’m so caught between the memories of the past and the fears of the future that I keep getting lost about where I am RIGHT NOW! I’m so worried about how my life will turn out that I’m missing the steps I need to take right now in order to get the best results.

I’ve read enough material to know that worrying about the future is absolutely useless. What I’m doing right now is dictating what my future will look like.

Am I sitting around waiting for life to happen to me or taking action to follow my passions today?

Am I following my heart or holding onto fear of being hurt today?

Am I focused on solutions or problems today?

Am I complaining or doing something to change my circumstances today?

Am I being productive or lazy today?


Every choice matters for my tomorrow, but my constant worry about what tomorrow holds is only attaching to an energy that I don’t want in my life. So, why do it? Today, I’m going to pay attention to the signs and just focus on the 24-hours in front of me. I will put my energy into today and deal with tomorrow when it comes. I kept wondering why I was so exhausted all the time, when I made the choice to just focus on my 24-hours I had enough energy to get through my day.

“I have lived a long life and had many troubles, most of which never happened.”

-Mark Twain

I’ve spent time staying present before, but then things happened and it slipped away. I got lost for a while. If that had happened a decade ago, I would have used it as a reason to beat myself down. How could you let that happen again? How can you be so stupid? That is some of my nicer self-talk I used to use. Today, I know it is all just a part of the process, and I trust that this lesson will take me deeper than the last time I was here. If I wound up here again, I need to learn something new to help lead the life I’ve prayed for a million times. A step closer to freedom lies within the way I evolve and grow. So, for these 24-hours I will keep moving and connecting to what I want my life to look like today. I will do my best and know that is enough.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff


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