Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #31

When we are too busy, we miss the blessings right in front of us. I love sharing moments with the amazing birds in the sky, on the ground, and in the trees. When I can fully take in the moment and just be in the moment with a bird, I feel my wings. In that moment, I’m free. I do my best to remember to thank them when they share the moment with me too. The more we feel the awe, appreciation, and joy, the more aligned we will be with love, abundance, and peace.

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to look to the birds. I commit to paying close attention to the birds I share a moment with. I will align with the energy of love, abundance, and peace as I watch in AWE of their majestic beauty. Pay attention to what it feels like in the moment as you feel the energy you are exuding by simply appreciating something so simple. Enjoy this practice, I will!

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

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