Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #34

We are so conditioned to want what we don’t have. It’s strategic, “cradle to the grave” marketing. We have messages flashing before us that keep telling us that we don’t have enough, we need this or that to be happy. We need this or that to feel fulfilled. These ideas so often take us away from appreciating what we do have right now. What we have in this moment is something to be grateful for and it is so important not to look past that in hopes of feeling fulfilled by something we don’t have right now. The QUICKEST way to feel fulfilled in the moment is to be be grateful for what we DO have. I’m so grateful each and every day, and to some they might not understand why I live like I do, but what other people think of me is not my business. My business is to align my energy with love, abundance, and peace, and I have EVERYTHING I need to do that within me.

Today’s challenge is to look at what we do have and be in gratitude for it. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is if we don’t have it in this moment, we don’t need it. If everything aligns for us to do or have something, it won’t break us. It won’t extend us beyond what is in our budgets. Anything we get outside of us won’t MAKE us happy, abundant, peaceful, and/or free. If we want to live aligned with love, abundance, and peace, which is where happiness projects from, we have to live in the state of gratitude for what we DO have. Here are just some of the things I’m grateful for. Look around and within you and see just how much you do have to be grateful for. My list could go on for pages, and I don’t have thousands of dollars in my bank account, a house I own, a luxury car, or even a gym membership. Yet, I live abundantly and get all my needs met, and I know that because I’m here right now. I’m breathing. If and when I’m meant to have any of those things, I will. Not having them doesn’t stop me from being living my best life in this moment. Here are just a just a handful of things on my list.

  • I have my health
  • I have a body that works
  • I have a mind that questions in all the best ways
  • I have a family who I love and who loves me back
  • I have a romantic partner who I love and respect and who loves and respects me
  • I have a roof over my head
  • I have internet access
  • I have money in my bank account
  • I have a computer to write these words
  • I have clean water
  • I have so many amazing books

Today, I’m going to see just how many pages I can fill with truly honoring and appreciating what I DO have right now.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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