Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #61

I’m grateful for the love that lives within me. I hope you realize how much the love we have within us is a TRUE GIFT. There is no such thing as too caring, loving, compassionate, etc. If this is your language, you are giving your energy to fear, lack, and separation. When we aren’t appreciating the love within us, there is a good chance we are not giving ourselves the love we deserve. In order to project authentic love to the world, we have to first treat ourselves with the love we deserve. We project how we treat ourselves outward. When we live from a place of love, abundance,and peace, we can be grateful for the love that lives within us. We know that what comes back to us is a reflection of that love, and there is nothing more beautiful than seeing that love magnify inward and outward. The difference it makes is transformational. I’m so grateful I’m now able to spot, see, feel, project, and reflect the love that lives within me.

Today, I commit to expressing love inward and outward. Loving actions, here I come! How do we express love inward? If we think about how we show others we love them, we have to do those things for ourselves. It could mean giving ourselves quality time, making a special meal, writing a love note, or going somewhere we want to go. Expressing love to ourselves can look a countless number of ways. It all depends on what’s important to us as individuals. We can’t live according to someone else’s life.

If we feed the energy of love, abundance, and peace, we discover what feels right for our personal lives and are able to express love inwardly and outwardly in a way that feels right for us. The best part about this is when we learn how to express love authentically, we start attracting people, places, and things that reflect it back to us. The outcome will look different for everyone, and that was a critical piece I learned on this journey. I learned to really live MY best life. Others might look at my life and not understand——that’s okay!

I attract and repulse according to the energy I project, which aligns me with the people who are meant to be in my life and repulses the ones who aren’t. This actually makes it much easier to express love, because the people I give it to are the ones who are meant to get it——loved one or stranger doesn’t matter. Being aligned with love, abundance, and peace gives me authentic joy in expressing love.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

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