Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and peace #194

I’m grateful for my perspectives that bring me abundance. Abundance doesn’t just mean financial abundance. Abundance is a very large quantity of anything, so it can include anything we feel like we have an abundance of like love, spirit, friends, successes, etc. Living in abundance is living in gratitude, because we are focused on everything we DO have. It is the opposite of living in lack, the world of not enough.

The perspectives that come from lack can make a person feel desperate and do desperate things to attempt to overcome their feeling of lack. If people are feeling lack, they don’t believe that they have everything they need in this moment.They believe their life would be better if it looked a different way than what they are capable of doing in this very moment. I don’t know anyone who has never felt lack from time to time, but some people are so consumed by it that they will try to win at all costs to overcome it, which includes lying, cheating, and stealing. A person can be financially rich and never live in the energy of abundance. A person can be surrounded by people who love them and never feel an abundance of love. Having things, doesn’t mean we are abundant. Appreciating what we have is what makes us abundant.

The beauty of filling myself with perspectives that bring me abundance is that it makes more room for even more abundance. My smile is taking over my face as I write these words just feeling all the areas my life is abundant. I also get to see where I still have work to do in making room for abundance in other areas. I’m grateful that I’m conscious of my perspectives, because it gives me wonderful room to grow.

Today, I commit to looking at my perspectives that bring abundance into my life. The air fills my lungs with such tremendous gratitude as I focus on my perspectives. I feel like I live in abundance, though many looking onto my life wouldn’t think so because of their interpretations of abundance, but what other people think of our abundance doesn’t matter. The only person’s perspectives around abundance that matter for how I live my life are my own. If I’m comparing my life to someone else’s and don’t feel like I have enough, I’m living in lack. I’ve noticed that abundance is an area I have to really be clear about my perspectives that I’m buying into.

The consumer world wants us to live in lack because that is how they sell products. I pay close attention to my thoughts when I’m thinking about what a person is trying to sell me and how I feel inside listening to their pitch. I can see when my perspectives are falling into the energy of lack. Then, I can write down that perspective and I come up with multiple perspectives that will align my energy with abundance again. I can’t tell you how many times doing this little thing has saved me unnecessary money spent, which in-turn aligned me with more financial abundance. Buying anything from a place of lack, only creates more lack.

Let’s talk body image and living a healthy lifestyle. I used to live in lack around weight loss. I would walk on a treadmill for an hour a day sweating my ass off running, walking uphill, and walking at a fast pace. I was miserable eating the foods and I wasn’t losing weight!!! I lived in the energy of lack when it came to my body and how it looked. Then I started doing the work to love myself exactly as I am. I started looking in the mirror and appreciating everything my body has done for me. Instead of cursing at it, I started thanking it. I started walking outside and listening to inspirational audiobooks and meditations on my walk. I walked at slower pace, enjoyed the scenery, and didn’t think about how many calories I was burning. I started making things I enjoyed eating and because my mind was in a healthier mindset, I started being attracted to healthier foods. My perspectives were aligned with abundance and the only thing that lessened was the pounds on the scale.

Another perspective that I’ve had for a long time is that money shows up. I believe (my perspective) when I’m meant to have something or go somewhere, the money shows up. If the money didn’t come, it’s not a part of my journey having that thing or going that place at this moment in time. This perspective keeps me from being in a place of lack when I don’t get what I want. I have so many more that I will enjoy looking at throughout the day.

What are your perspectives that bring you abundance?

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

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