Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #259

I’m grateful for the gifts of awakening moments. Life is full of awakening moments. I see them as the moments I tap into the core wisdom of the Universe. These moments shoot me right into the state of AWE, I get tingles, and sometimes chills, which is my indicator that I’m in a place of oneness with all that is. I feel so much authentic joy in those moments that I can ride on that energy for long stretches of time. The more I keep to this daily work of staying aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace, the more awakening moments I have. I didn’t know someone could feel this state of AWE so often. I’m feeling more and more confident about where I am in the moment since I started writing these 258 days ago. I feel my light energy getting stronger and stronger. I’m responding more and reacting less as the days go on. I’m seeing so far beyond my own perspectives of truth now, which is such an AMAZING gift.

I realize the less I’m attach to my stories, the more open I am to tap into these amazing Universal truths. What I absolutely love about this AWE-inspiring gift of awakening is even when I react to a moment with a story that causes me to align with the energy of fear, lack, and separation, there is a much shorter road back to re-aligning with the energy of love, abundance, and peace. When I give myself some space to BE, I can see a clear path to healing my past attachments to the story. I know that any alignment I have with fear, lack, and separation I have is attached to a story I’ve been telling myself from my past. Each time I see the attachment that in itself is an awakening moment for me. I actually get excited now when I get a chance to look at the stories I’m still holding onto. If I can see them, I can heal them, which mean I can break the pattern of them creating chaos in my life.

For my followers and the people who have been reading along with me, you already know about my awakening moment with the definition of love. That one shifted my life in the MOST miraculous ways. Without that one, I wouldn’t be here now. So much of my journey of living from a loving place goes back to that very moment of awakening. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the multitude of awakening moments I’ve had on this journey. I look forward to many more.

Today, I commit to honoring the gifts of awakening moments. I do this by leaving myself open for awakening moments to happen. The state of AWE is when I know I’m open to receive with my whole heart. Maybe that is why my Divine communications felt so strongly about focusing several days around the gifts that bring me to AWE easily. If you missed it previously, I talked about this on day #248. Since I don’t believe in accidents, I’m going to once again trust where I’m being led. I will let you know more as more is revealed.

Some of the other tools I use to stay open to awakening moments are:

  • A gratitude list — As long as I’m authentically aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace while I’m writing it, this works. If I’m not, I’m writing it from a place of lack to get somewhere else, and that never works well for me. Like I’ve said many times, we can’t trick or fake where our energy is. It’s either there or it’s not.
  • Allowing Divine guidance lead me to a book — I use this tool a lot. I’ve been reading so many books lately, and each one has brought me to a state of AWE during the reading. I love when I feel the need to shout out, YES, YES, YES. That’s usually when I hit a Universal message that I feel in my soul. To be led to a book, I ask the Divine for guidance on something that is holding me back or what I need to help me stay aligned with love, abundance, and peace. I will feel drawn, nudged, and sometimes flat out pushed to read a book. Sometimes the book is literally put in my hand. I just love how the Universe works this way.
  • Appreciating nature — When I’m fully present in nature to the point where I can be in the state of AWE from what I’m seeing and feeling, I open right up for the gifts of awakening moments. When I can tap into the wisdom of nature, I feel truly connected.
  • Free-Writing — I set my timer for 15-30 minutes and I just write whatever comes to me. Sometimes a session goes longer, but some of the most profound things come from these sessions. I’ve had a lot of awakening moments doing this. Here is a writing session I did back in 1998 (click year for the link). I had a lot more experiences to go through before I would really get what I was writing about, but I remember being in total AWE when I found this so many years later. I hadn’t thought about it in years. I found it after my dad had passed away. I had given him a copy right after I wrote it back in 1998. He passed in 2011. It was like receiving a gift from him beyond the grave. He was always a big supporter of my writing.

When we want to reach our best physical selves, we have to be be open to finding ways to get the results we are looking for. The more we understand about how our bodies and brains work, the more potential we have to get our bodies to where we want them to go, but until we USE the tools and keep up with the daily work by using our acquired knowledge regularly, the process doesn’t work. We stay in the energy of fear (this is usually tied to past story attachments), lack (wanting what we don’t have), and separation (separate from the wisdom by not using it). The same is true with any journey we take in this life, whether it’s career, personal health, and/or spiritual development. We have to figure out what our own personal tools are to get us there, then USE them. The knowledge is out there for the taking, and there are many different paths we can take. We just have to trust what is being revealed to us and stay aligned with the energy that will serve our highest good, which is love, abundance, and peace.

Awakening moments don’t come from the energy of fear, lack, and separation. The connections we make from that energy will only ever hold us back. The more we practice using the tools that keep us in that energy, the further down into the darkness we go. Soon we forget our humanity and take the accumulation of that energy out on our fellow humans, animals, and environment. We keep creating more of what we don’t want when we live in that energy. We bury the wisdom of the Universe under all the stacks of rubble. If you are relating heavily with this place and feel like the prisoner of your life, ASK for the guidance and stay open to what is shown to you. It may not feel natural or normal, because for you living in the chaos is what feels natural and normal, but if you want to break the patterns that are holding you back, you have to be willing to do things differently, think differently, and contribute your energy differently. Once you do, the awakening moments will happen more and more. Trust the journey. I’m not sure who I wrote this last bit for, but if you feel like it’s you, it is. That’s how amazing this journey is. I know without any doubt in my mind that whoever this is meant for it will reach.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World — Click the book cover to learn more. If my words resonate with you, and you feel like you are getting in your own way, this could be the book for you. If it is, you will feel the nudge to get it. Trust it! I could be one tiny message that the book has that will change the trajectory of your life. Just like the note above, I know whoever is meant to read this book will.

3 responses to “Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #259”

  1. Hey Rachael, I just wanted to thank you for being in my journey.
    Lately, I have been just skimming your posts..I have been given other assignments to work on😅 Reading books which I feel guided to and working on them. The feeling of awe is totally wonderful 💚💚💚

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