SOW #20 Following the Dream with Special Guest Angela LoMenzo

Seeds of Wisdom Ep. 20 Following the Dream with Special Guest Angela LoMenzo is one of those conversations that just inspired me on such a deep level to commit to the process of following my dreams. Her book, The Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women offers so many inspiring stories that one can’t help but have their flame ignited. This conversation reminded me of just how important it is to follow the dream and let passion lead the way.

Who is Angela LoMenzo?

Angela LoMenzo grew up in an interfaith and multicultural environment, surrounded by a family of artists, musicians, and an Academy Award-winning grandfather. In one house, she had her father, the son of a Hungarian Greek Catholic Priest and a classical violinist who co-founded the Los Angeles Pops Orchestra. In the other house, she lived with her bohemian artist mother and Jewish Moroccan stepfather, a bassist whose band toured with The Doors.

This diverse exposure as a child helped to develop her core values of unity, equality, and the belief that we are all interconnected as one. She is fiercely passionate about women’s issues and human rights, as well as advocating for animals and the environment. Writing, art, and photography have been her outlet for self-expression for as long as she can remember. 

Angela has been a makeup artist for over thirty years, working in television, music videos, print, and photography. In 1993 she married her soul mate, veteran bassist James LoMenzo. Spending her entire life in a community of uniquely talented artists has kept her firmly rooted in a creative lifestyle. She lives in her native Los Angeles with James and rescue pup Lita. The two have a daughter, Zoe Rose, who is a graphic artist and illustrator. When Angela is not writing, she is the creative director and makeup artist at Monster House Productions, the video/music production company she started with James in 2012.

She recently became certified as a Chopra Meditation Instructor to help people learn the healing benefits of meditation both physically and mentally. Her book, The Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women is coming out soon and available for pre-order.

Following the Dream

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Angela LoMenzo’s Book

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