Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #21

The beautiful world of financial abundance! If you are anything like me, I’ve definitely chosen to live in fear, lack, and separation when it comes to finances more than I have chosen to live in love, abundance, and peace. What I’ve learned is that it’s important to focus my energy on what I do have and can do and be grateful for it. If I was supposed to have more money in this very moment, I would have it. Why do I want to waste energy stressing about something that is not my reality in this moment? I can choose to be grateful for the bills I am able to pay, the things I have been able to buy, and any money that is in my bank account. When I do my gratitude list, I started adding at least three things I’m grateful for financially. Doing this helps me to stay in the energy of creating more from a place of love, abundance, and peace.

Today’s challenge is to REALLY pay attention to everything we do financially and be grateful that we can spend whatever we are spending, give whatever we are giving, and save whatever we are saving. Even if we know that we will only have the money in our bank account for a few more days, be grateful that it is there right now. Even if what we can do is buy a pack of gum, give change to the homeless, get a soda, etc. Don’t just think about being grateful, write it down and let’s feel the gratitude. If you want to have some fun, try getting as excited as you would over something that is on your wildest dreams wish list. Hold the energy as long as you can.

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With Love, Gratitude, and Peace,

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Rachael Wolff

I believe we are all powerful and can change the trajectories of our lives by breaking old patterns that no longer serve us. Our perception is our power. I share my experiences to keep me focusing on what matters and to help others do the same. My goal is to live life from a loving place. This is my journey! I hope you come along, and it becomes a destination you want to come back to on yours.

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