Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #45

Serving humanity from a loving place is one of the biggest blessings to the givers and the receivers. There is something very different about the energy when someone is serving from a loving place. I speak a lot about this in my book. Some people think they are, but really they are serving others from a place of lack, a place of fear. They are trying to find their worth in serving others. When this happens, they put out expectations and when they are not met, they are hurt making them feel worse. This only contributes to more fear, more lack, and more separation. Over time, serving this way depletes them.

When a person is serving from a loving place, you can feel it in their energy. They are shining their light and the receiver feels the warmth. It’s truly beautiful.Think about the service you get in restaurants. Most of us have had people who are serving because they need that pay check, but really don’t want to be serving us. Depending where we are in our own energy, we will feel their energy consciously (making us want to share our light with them to help to brighten theirs) or unconsciously (react with more fear, lack, and separation). Hopefully, most of us have also had the servers who we can feel the positive energy exuding out of them from an authentic place.

We can see this in every facet of life. If a person serves out of fear, including the fear of not being in God’s good graces, the service still comes from fear. It doesn’t have the same effect on the givers or the receivers. It fuel more fear, lack, and separation in the world. Now, those ones who give from a loving place, they are full before they give, and they are full after they give. Those are the people I’m focusing my gratitude on today. It’s their lights that light up the world. Pay attention!!! There are people who serve from a loving place EVERYWHERE!!! You may have to look harder for them at first, but once you put your intention of seeing them, you will. Each one you see, be grateful. Just by doing that, we increase the energy of love, abundance, and peace in the world. If we truly want to change the world, and move out of the cycle of insanity (doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result), we have to put our energy on the change we want to see.

Today’s challenge is to serve humanity from a loving place. This means we are practicing kindness, compassion, empathy, and faith. When we put out the intention that we are committing to serve humanity from a loving place, people will show up to serve. You might get a call from a friend, a text, see something on social media, see someone needing a random act of kindness when you are out, witness something that calls for your service, etc. It could be something as simple as talking to the cashier with kindness and support. In the times we are living in right now, it could be something bigger. Trust the guidance, and serve accordingly. If it is you who are brought to the situation, it’s your opportunity.

We are in need of people who are willing to look past any differences and serve humanity from a loving place. There are so many people caught in struggles beyond their control and they are getting swept up by the energy of fear, lack, and separation. Someone coming in from an authentic place of love, abundance, and peace, might be EXACTLY what they need to help them shift out of that energy. We can only serve from a loving place if it’s authentic. Otherwise, we are serving from a place of fear, lack, and separation. Even the feeling in our bodies is completely different. Even if what you have to give is a prayer or a positive thought—DO IT! Don’t judge the love in your heart, just spread it. Love and fear don’t exist in the same moment. We are either serving one or the other, and it takes us being in our full consciousness to hold onto that love during these trying times. Do the work. If you need help, my book gives tons of tools. No one can do this work for you. It is something you have to consciously decide to do and commit to. All I can tell you is humanity needs you, exactly you. We all have a light to shine, we just have to decide if we are tired of sitting in the dark.

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With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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