Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #70

I’m grateful for when the ordinary becomes extraordinary. I love when I look at something and see it’s beauty like I’ve never noticed it before. I remember the day I saw these giant snail shells on the ground. The colors, shapes, dimensions, and sizes put me in a state of awe. When I see a spoonbill crane at one of our lakes, I stand there in awe, no matter how many times I’ve seen them there before. Every time I walk the street I walk almost every day, I see something special. It may be a bird, rock, tree, plant, flower, rabbit, etc. I feel pure joy the more aware I am of how I make the ordinary extraordinary in my day.

Today, I commit to seeing the extraordinary! People often ask me how I move through my stressful moments so fast, this is one of my favorite tools. I simply go for a walk and find the extraordinary. If we want to do something bigger, we can go to an aquarium and feel the awe of all the sea creatures and plant life. We can sit in a park and watch people interacting. Take a bike ride and feel the wind. If we are unable to leave our homes, instead of scrolling through all the news and social media, type in “extraordinary nature images” into your search engine and feel the pure awe of all the photos. We don’t have to keep going back to the things that stress us out in our heads. We can take EXTRAORDINARY breaks to re-align our energy with love, abundance, and peace. When we allow ourselves to feel the AWE, we set the reset button on the hamster wheel of thought running round and round in our minds. Take a deep breath in, and release the breath slowly. Create space to allow an opening for more good to come in.

I have some great news for all my wonderful readers!!!! I will be a part of the iCreate Inc. International Power of One Virtual Conference on Oct 23-24th! Even if the time is not perfect, if you register as a VIP you have unlimited access to all the speakers talks. If you go with the basic registration, you have a week to watch all the amazing speakers. If you register, use the promo code: #ucreatereality/Rachael. You will get 10% off and if you let me know that you used this code, I will have a special gift for you after the conference. I hope you will check out the large list of amazing speakers: https://www.icreateleadership.org/power-of-one-virtual-conference

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Author of Letters from a Better Me available in audiobook, audio CD, ebook, and paperback.

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