Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #85

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve others. Yesterday, I spoke at The Power of One: You Create Your Reality conference. Being able to serve others brings me so much joy. Back in the day, I used to try to find my worth in serving others and would feel depleted, drained, and walked on. It took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t serving out of a place of abundance, I was serving from a place of lack. I lacked self-worth, self-esteem, and a positive self-image. I expected my giving to fill a void within myself—It never did.

When I learned to authentically serve from love, abundance, and peace, my world expanded in the most amazing ways. Today, serving from a loving place is what drives everything I do. It’s why I have both free services and fee based services. It’s just like this series, I knew I needed to do this for me to keep me aligned, but I share it in case someone else may need some help staying in the energy of love, abundance, and peace too. I love that my life has opened up so that I can create all these different paths to help others. I actually set up a Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace Facebook group too. I wanted a place for people to go if they wanted to do the work and also get opportunities to get major discounts on my fee based services. Service to others is a joy, and if it doesn’t feel like a joy, it may be because you need to take a deeper look into figuring out why you are servicing. For the conference, I made a back-up video just in case of technical difficulties. I wanted to share it with you.

Today, I commit to serving others. Since today is day two of the conference, this will be easy for me. Even though I’m done with my speaking part, I will stick around to help people at the conference get the most out of the event. The Remo conference hall is so fun, because it is set up just like an in person conference. I can go from table to table and chat with participants and speakers during the breaks. I feel so blessed to get this opportunity to serve. My well is overflowing.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Author of Letters from a Better Me

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