Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #115

I’m grateful I feel connected to others near and far. Yesterday, I spoke about Earth’s energy. Today, I’m expanding on that to include the energy of other people. I really wondered how this pandemic would affect our ability to connect to people. For me, I’m connected with others better than ever. I’m attracting like energy which has been so amazing! The more I align with love, abundance, and peace, the more individuals I connect with from that place. It doesn’t even matter where they are in the world. HOW AMAZING is that?? When our energy is aligned we open doors to some of the greatest discoveries. Staying aligned takes daily work, and this investment of my time has been well worth it. I love all the people I’m getting to connect with, near and far. I’m so grateful for the additional tool of video chatting and conferencing, because it really does help to open some wonderful doors.

Today, I commit to focusing on my connection with others. I plan on paying close attention to who’s energy is attracted to mine today. I love when I put my focus here, because I’m always amazed at what I see. I know that where I put my energy is what I will get back, so connecting with people helps me to see where I am. If I’m picking up on connections that illuminate the energy of love, abundance, and peace, that’s because that’s where my energy is. If I’m picking up connections of fear, lack, and separation, that’s because that’s where my energy is. We can’t hide from this. The truth is in what we see, and we can only change it or make it better if we acknowledge where our own energy is. The people who are drawn to our lives are the reflections of where we ACTUALLY are.

If we have chaos, fear, lack, separation, rage, and hate, we can’t be surprised when others are attracted to that. As my psychology professor taught me, healthy minds attract healthy minds. If we are with someone who treats us badly, we need to stop looking at them and start looking at how we are treating ourselves. We can only leave chaos if we stop internally living in chaos. Think of 12-step programs, like attracts like. Think about churches and spiritual communities, like attracts like. When there is an energy that doesn’t belong, many people will feel uncomfortable around that energy. This is why it is so important if we want to stay aligned with love, abundance, and peace, to pay CLOSE attention to the people we are surrounding ourselves with. If we are aligning with people who are buying into the never-ending borage of conspiracy theories, we ourselves need to look at the stories we are telling ourselves. Are we going on fears or facts?

I cherish the connections I have today. Many people have faded from my life and many others have come in, I trust what I attract and I’m grateful to learn, grow, and expand in the most beautiful ways. If you are on this journey with me, thank you for being here. I love knowing the messages I write resonate with others. Your time matters to me. I appreciate you.

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With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

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