Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #146

I’m grateful for the lights of the season. As a person who celebrates Christmas, I love driving around and seeing the lights. We have entire communities that create villages of lights. Not all are Christmas lights. Some represent others faiths and/or beliefs, but they all shine together. There is something so special about that. I’ve seen this in many places, and have watched plenty of video footage of these amazing villages that communities create. I enjoy driving down my street and seeing the time and effort people put in to doing something special. I love seeing how creative people can get. Sometimes it’s the little things that align me with love, abundance, and peace. This year the lights are touching me even more.

Today, I commit to enjoying the lights. Whether the lights are manufactured or from the vast sky above, I’m going to enjoy them. Tonight, I’m going to get outside, breathe in the cool air and appreciate the beauty. To all those out there celebrating Christmas, I wish you a Christmas aligned with love, abundance, and peace. For those who don’t celebrate, I wish you a day full of love, abundance, and peace. Remember, our perspectives (beliefs) may be different, but our energy is either aligned or it isn’t, there is no judgment there. We can be aligned with love, abundance, and peace, no matter what our perspectives of truth are.

The only thing that can ever divide us is if our energies are in fear, lack, and separation and they resist each other from there. If we were to align in the energy of fear, lack, and separation, we make someone else our enemy together, which only strengthens the energy of fear, lack, and separation in the world. If I am in the energy of love, abundance, and peace, and you are in the energy of fear, lack, and separation, you may feel a resistance to the words I say, because they don’t align with your beliefs of fear, lack, and separation and vice versa. We can shine with different colors of light, and respect where our lights come from the same energy of love, abundance, and peace creates light. Our light has it’s own unique flair, just like the many lights we see from house to house. Let’s celebrate each other’s lights today.

Today, I’m going to enjoy the manifestation of light in the world! As light is the how I see the love, abundance, and peace within me and out in the world, I will enjoy watching it shine.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Author of Letters from a Better Me


Published by

Rachael Wolff

I believe we are all powerful and can change the trajectories of our lives by breaking old patterns that no longer serve us. Our perception is our power. I share my experiences to keep me focusing on what matters and to help others do the same. My goal is to live life from a loving place. This is my journey! I hope you come along, and it becomes a destination you want to come back to on yours.

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