Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #163

I’m grateful to be a lifelong learner. I believe the best version of ourselves is being open to learn, shift, and grow in and out of beliefs that align us with love, abundance, and peace. If you are wondering what I mean by that, I mean there is never one way of aligning with love, abundance, and peace. We get to try all different ways and decide which way works best for us. If and when that way stops working or we just outgrow the energy, we expand and learn a way that works better for us. I love staying open to learning because that also means my brain is open to form new neural pathways. When I do that, I release more of the things that are no longer working in my life, and I teach my brain to work more efficiently for me. I find that pretty amazing! I love the classroom of life. Some lessons have been gut-wrenching, but I learned incredible lessons from being open to learn from EVERY trauma I’ve faced. I loved going back to school in my thirties after having been through so much. I feel like I got so much more out of the experience. I’ve faced moments of my own ignorance that made me a better person today, especially in the area of human rights. I learned as much from my classmates as I did from some of my professors.

I love listening to people’s stories, because their unique perspective has something beautiful to teach me whether I agree with them or not. As long as I’m aligned with love, abundance, and peace, I remain open to learn things that will better me. If I’m aligned with fear, lack, and separation, I will learn more and more to stay aligned in that energy. This is why I stay FAR away from FEAR agenda material. I can learn and become aware of the evils of the world by studying the psychology, cultural anthropology, cult mentality, and sociology without aligning with fear agenda.

Aligning my learning with love, abundance, and peace doesn’t mean I put my head in the sand. It means I research people, events, history, and perspectives with an open mind. I do my best not to put people in categories of groups. When I do that, I can’t learn. I can’t see. I’m denying a person their humanity of what brought them to where they are now, and that can mean for better or for worse. This is how we miss red flags when we believe us against them thinking. We get stuck in fear, lack, and separation energy. When we feed that, we don’t see that each person has an agenda. Some will use their agendas for good, and others will use them to keep people in fear, lack, and separation because they can control people better there.

I learn so much from where I’ve fallen into these traps and when I’ve watched others. When we are aligned with fear, lack, and separation our minds are closed to learn from love, abundance, and peace because the two energies don’t align. We can’t be in one and be open to see the other. If we are in fear, lack, and separation we aren’t even seeing a clear definition of what love is, because if we did, we would see what we are buying into doesn’t match up.

My blindness led me to ten years of being emotionally and mentally abused by a narcissist. By the time I got help, I felt like an empty shell. I believed I deserved the abuse. Everything I was learning about was linked to staying in the energy of fear, lack, and separation because that is how he kept his power and control over me. After many prayers asking for help, and reading books that started to open my eyes, I started to align with love, abundance, and peace. Miracle after miracle happened to open me up to learn and grow from the place of love, abundance, and peace. When I finally walked out the door. My heart was at peace.

I spent the next four and a half years in college learning everything I could about humans, their behaviors, passed down patterns, religious belief systems, history human rights, and psychosis. I keep my mind open to any place I can learn from a place of understanding instead of judgment. When I’m tied to beliefs that make me judge a person or group, I’m closed to learning and understanding that group. I strip myself of the ability to potentially help a person if I do that, and I love helping individuals who want the help.

I’m grateful to be a lifelong learner because it has also helped me to see that it’s okay to make mistakes. My mistakes don’t define me (no matter what someone else thinks). It’s what I do after I make the mistake that holds my growth potential.

Today, I commit to learning from what hasn’t worked and celebrating what does. We have to be open and honest with ourselves in order to do this. We have to be willing to see ourselves clearly. This is why I wrote my book, Letters from a Better Me the way that I did. We can’t learn what isn’t working until we open our eyes to fully see it. Then, once we see it, we have to accept ourselves and move into the place of forgiveness in order to shift into actions aligned with love, abundance, and peace. This is a process. This is why I write every day. I need to do the work to keep me in a growth mindset. This is why it’s important for us not to numb our feelings. I have to look at what my feelings are there to teach me in order for them not to have the power to control my life.

I’ve learned to take cues from my body when it’s telling me a thought or belief doesn’t work for me. If a belief comes from love, abundance, and peace, I feel expanded. If I feel a thought or belief comes from fear, lack, and separation, I feel restricted. One causes me stress and the other brings me peace. Be with the feeling whatever it is.

  • What is it there to teach you?
  • When have you felt this feeling before?
  • Do you remember the first time you’ve felt this feeling in your body?
  • Is any energy of fear, lack, and separation attached to this feeling?
  • What are some perspectives that could help you move into the energy of love, abundance, and peace?

We have to be willing to learn from what is inside of us because that is where all our outside beliefs and attachments come from. This is where we create our view of reality from. If we want to align with love, abundance, and peace, we have to see where we are still holding onto fear, lack, and separation. Remember, we can’t be in both energies at the same time. Wherever we are, is where our focus is. Which energy do you want to learn and absorb your life lessons from? The choice is up to us.

  • How do you want to live your life?
  • What have you learned that is working to align yourself with life you want to be living?
  • What isn’t working?
  • What do you need to change to make what isn’t working work?
  • Where can you go to learn more to help you change what isn’t working? If you don’t know the answer to this question, pray, meditate, and ask to be open to see the answer. Then watch for the answer to reveal itself. If you are open, it will. If you really don’t want to change and/or learn, it won’t.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

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