SOW #14 Practicing Love with Special Guest Lair Torrent LMFT

If you are ready to look at how you are practicing love, this is your episode! This conversation got me thinking about a lot about my relationships. After watching, leave me a comment to tell me what you think. It’s packed with valuable insights. We talk self-love, communicating love, boundaries, mindfulness, and SO much more.

Before recording this episode, I listened to his and his wife, Ashley’s podcast, The Practice of Love. I mention it in the opening of the recording, but I’m adding the Spotify link here. It is available on other platforms, so if it’s peaking your interest, find it! I’m a BIG fan now!

Who is Lair Torrent?

Lair Torrent, L.M.F.T.,  Lair Torrent is a leading relationship therapist and the author of the book “The Practice of Love, is an executive consultant, and speaker.  Blending Eastern-based mindfulness practices and Western clinical models, Lair has created a powerful approach to healing. He helps clients take control of their lives. He did his graduate work at Mercy College under the renowned therapist Dr. Evan Imber-Black and did his post-graduate work in Eastern thought at the Helix Training Program in NYC. Lair has been resourced/interviewed by NPR, the New York Times, and Rolling Stone for his expertise. He is in private practice and works remotely with clients worldwide.

Practicing Love

(If you can’t see the YouTube link, try this one:

The Practice of Love by Lair Torrent

(Click image to learn more about the book)

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