Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #26

Living in love, abundance, and peace means we are living in where are feet are. We have to be living in the present moment in order to be AWARE enough to align with the energy of love, abundance, and peace. Since being where are feet are is so important, I thought it was a great day to appreciate our legs! I thought about this while I was writing in my gratitude journal. I’m grateful for what show me about where I am. Whether they are feeling good, or they aren’t. They are a big part of what guides my day, so they definitely deserve my love and appreciation. I’m grateful for all the beautiful views I’ve got to see because my legs have the strength to walk long distances. I’m also grateful for the days that my legs tell me I need to take a break. During the pandemic, I’m extremely grateful for my legs, because going outside and walking in nature are a HUGE part of what has kept me grounded and centered during these transformative times.

Let’s give our legs some TLC (Tender Loving Care). Today, focus on where your legs are taking you. What can you do to appreciate your legs today? I’m feeling joy just thinking about all the wonderful things I can do with the legs I was given. For any person who doesn’t have legs or their legs don’t work, there are still plenty of ways to appreciate what not having the use of them has shown you. Some of my favorite heroes are the ones who embrace their situations from the place of love, abundance, and peace no matter how DIFFERENT their lives looks to the outside world. We are our only excuse not be living in love, abundance, and peace and choosing fear, lack, and separation. Our circumstances, no matter how dark, come with gifts. We will never see them if we keep our energy aligned with fear, lack, and separation. The choice is ALWAYS ours.

Thank you to all the readers who are taking this daily journey with me. If you aren’t following along: Are you ready to align daily with love, abundance, and peace? Get your daily emails here:

With Love, Gratitude, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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