Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #67

Today, I’m grateful for the sea. When I begin to feel overwhelmed with the fear, lack, and separation in the world, I know I can focus on the sea to bring me back to peace. I think about all the amazing creatures, plants, and coral. I think about the waves and vastness. I don’t even have to be there, I can look up pictures, videos, or just pull a memory up in my head. There is something so soothing when my mind goes to the sea, and I can hear the waves hit the shore. I feel one with the water running through me. I feel peace. I do not feel alone. The sea offers windows. When I can float in the water, I feel connected to the history of the planet. Things can feel divided in the man-made world, but when I connect to the sea, I feel the awe of gratitude as the water running through me aligns with the love, abundance, and peace of the sea. I feel one with the Divine. I’m so grateful for the sea.

Today, I commit to connecting with the sea. As my fingers touch the keys, I feel the power of the sea running through them. To me, that is what real connection is all about. Just think of that friend who is nowhere close to you, but somehow when they need you, your there. Too often we forget that we are energy. We get little reminders of how connected our energy is to someone else. We can align with love, abundance, and peace or feel overwhelmed with fear, lack, and separation. When we think of a person, and our stomach tights and we get queasy, our energy is connected through fear, lack, and separation. When we think of a person, and our chest feels expansive maybe even goosebumps, we are connecting through love, abundance, and peace. Now, what we need to remember is how to get back to our own peace, and connecting to the sea can help us do just that.

I used to feel like I needed to be able to float in water, whether it be a pool, bathtub, lake, or ocean to connect to my energy. What I realized is, yes, those things made it easier in the beginning, but now I can get myself there without any of it. Just knowing the sea is there allows me to connect with it. You may have even felt it as your reading the words. If you struggle, you can pull up ocean videos, sounds, or pictures on your phone or computer. Just simply lie down and breathe as you imagine yourself floating in the sea. You are just energy—one with the water. Feel the sense of calm and just appreciate your connection to all things. This is another re-centering tool for these turbulent times. Take care of your energy. You might slip into the fear, lack, and separation, I definitely have! The key is knowing your way back to love, abundance, and peace.

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With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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Published by

Rachael Wolff

I believe we are all powerful and can change the trajectories of our lives by breaking old patterns that no longer serve us. Our perception is our power. I share my experiences to keep me focusing on what matters and to help others do the same. My goal is to live life from a loving place. This is my journey! I hope you come along, and it becomes a destination you want to come back to on yours.

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