Daily Aligning with Love, abundance, and Peace #119

I’m grateful for vision boards. There are all kinds of names for these. The name isn’t as important as how what we are doing with it and how it resonates inside us. I have some sort of vision board on every wall of my room. They each represent something a little different, but each one is there to help give me a visual focus to make sure I’m aligning myself with the energy I want to project, dreams, goals, and images that bring me to a place of peace. If you’ve been following my blog, read my book, or been to one of my seminars, you might imagine that there is a lot of nature on my walls, and you would be right. As I look around, I see how my whole space has become one giant vision board. Each piece hanging in my space serves purpose and meaning. I’ve been writing a lot about vision boards lately because I’ve really been noticing how much they have helped me throughout the years. It all started when I made my first God Can.

When I was a teenager and angry at God, people would tell me to put my troubles in a God Box. I did, and then I was raped from someone in a community that I trusted as safe. It was one of my few safe spaces at the time, and I learned a very hard lesson. It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s and was re-building my relationship with new perspectives of God that I came up with the God Can, because what I can’t do, God can. I cut out words, images, an phrases that represented how I want to live inside (on the inner can), and what I wanted to create outside of me (on the outside of the can). Instead of putting things in the can that I felt held me back, I put things in there that would contribute towards me living the life represented in and on the can.

I’m so grateful for all the creative ways to do these too! Our vision boards, however we interpret them, help us to guide the stories that are playing in our own heads. They remind us what is important to us and can help us to keep our eyes on the best that is inside of us while dreaming about what that version of us is capable of creating. I ABSOLUTELY love vision boards and the impact they have had on my life!

Today, I commit to working on a new vision board. I’ve created many vision boards, boxes, jars, decorations, and other creative pieces for myself and others. They are my favorite gifts to give, because people get a glimpse of how I see the person I’m giving it to. Right now, I’ve been getting a lot of aha-moments about career aspirations. I just recently had an eye-opener that I wasn’t fully aligned with how I was going about my career. For me, that makes it a perfect time to make a vision board to represent things like:

  • How do I want to serve?
  • How do I bring the energy of love, abundance, and peace to companies and people that I serve?
  • How many people do I want to help?
  • Is there a community of people I feel inspired to serve?
  • What are my best attributes?
  • How do I work smart?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • How do I see my financial success?
  • How can I help others more with my financial success?
  • What kind of company/institution do I want to work for and/or have a contract with?
  • What benefits are important to my family and I?

I see vision boards, no matter what they look like as being the puzzle pieces that are important to place in order to complete our puzzles to make the best lives for ourselves.

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With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

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