Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #157

I’m grateful for being an empath. Some people feel like being an empath is a weight. Before I knew how to decipher what was mine from someone else’s, I struggled immensely. Taking on other’s feelings as my own is what used to happen, which could lead me into deep depressions that I struggled to get out of. What I do now is allow the feelings to guide me to research. Digging helps me find ways to communicate and be of service with the gifts I’ve been given. I used to buy into people telling me that I’m a target for narcissists. I was a target, but not because I am an empath. I was a target because I didn’t know how to decipher my feelings from theirs. When they went down, I went down with them. I played into their victim mentality. I became a part of their sick game. I had NO IDEA until I started working on my own self-worth and became more clear on what was my energy and what was someone else’s. Once I learned to see the difference, I really did see the many gifts that come with being an empath.

Today, I commit to becoming clear on what is mine and what is not. My favorite tool to do this is to write it out. If my energy is feeling off and I don’t know why, I do at least 15 minutes of free-writing. I write without any editing for a period of time. I start with a question like, “Is what I’m feeling my stuff?” Then I just write whatever comes out. What comes out reveals what is going on. That’s one of the fastest ways I’m able to determine what is mine and what is not. After I’m done writing, I will tend to have a few different topics to research. Sometimes the research helps me decide what to write here. It’s those times when I love when someone reaches out telling me that I was saying exactly what they needed to hear, because that is the person’s feelings I was tapping into. Some of the messages are on a more global level, which often feel heavier in my body. Those are the posts that are viewed and share more. I trust that if I’ve felt a person’s feelings on a topic, then have come up with the tools to help a person through those particular feelings, I’ve used my gift in a way that makes the world better. I know that when other people’s fear, lack, and separation would take me down, I wasn’t helping anyone from there. I was in the energy with them.

I love knowing what is mine, including my insecurities, fears, sadness, and/or anxiety. When I’m clear, I can take responsibility for what is mine and find a solution to move me out of where I am. When it’s not mine, I can do something to serve my fellow human with the insights that came to me from the experience. To me that is a win-win.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

3 responses to “Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #157”

  1. Actually I didn’t want to say this, but I was thinking about this thing today. I find it hard to know what is mine and which emotions are not mine. And I feel bad when I realise how I acted based on someone’s else feelings. I am working on it.
    I want to ask you something( only if you are comfortable sharing)Are you empathetic with everyone or some specific people?


    • I understand that feeling! I actually had to spend sometime over the holidays really looking at what was going on. I changed some of my behaviors this morning, and I’m already feeling so much better, which was proof to me that what I was feeling wasn’t mine. As for my empath abilities. When there are things with strong collective energy things going on, I pick up on it all. I have NO idea who the stuff belongs to, I just know that it’s not mine. On a personal front, I can pick up on most but not all people. If I’m triggered by their behaviors because of something in my life, I won’t get a clear read until I can move to a place of compassion. Then I start seeing and feeling it. With people really close to me, I have to really separate what is mine from theirs. One of the things I say to myself is, “This is their journey.” It helps me feel empathy without taking on the feelings as my own. It also helps me to ask them questions instead of giving too much of my opinion on how they should change or fix things. My kids give me plenty of practice with this one. Just remember, the closer the relationship is to you, the more challenging it can be to decipher. If I’m having a reaction inside based on what someone else’s stuff, I usually pick the path of silence first, so I can respond from a loving place with my own energy. I don’t ALWAYS do that perfectly. When I don’t, I just see it as a learning opportunity. I hope that helps.

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      • Thank you for explaining it deeply and taking your time. You are right that with the person we are close to, it is more difficult. I am learning to differentiate what is mine or not. Yes silence, I think we need to delay our reactions so that we can properly think first. Thank you🧡😇


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