Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #159

I’m grateful I understand psychology. In these challenging times, I’m so grateful for my education in psychology both formal and self-taught. I could see myself going quickly and easily down the path of fear, lack, and separation if I didn’t understand just how much I’m in control of and what I’m not. I can see the humanity in individuals hurting and lashing out because I know the issues that untreated and/or unhealed trauma create. I also keep up with current research which is now seeing how trauma is passed down in the DNA. I know from years of research how we are capable of re-wiring our brains to get out of victim mentality that may have been passed down from generations.Gone unexamined, we become vulnerable to be used, manipulated, and set-up to hurt others with our attachments to the energy of fear, lack, and separation. If we live in victim mentality, we can be used in armies built to create more fear, lack, and separation. Understanding psychology helps me to see through agenda, whether it is coming from an institution, company, community, or person I trust or I don’t. Anyone who wants me to align with fear (of the other, of damnation, of the unknown), lack (there is not enough), and separation (us against them) has an agenda I don’t want to align myself with.

One of the reasons it’s so important for me to keep up with this blog is to hold myself accountable for my energy daily. It’s what I know about psychology and training our brains to work with us that has helped me see just how important this is. I’ve also studied psychology in marketing which can be scary how a company can convince a person that they are not enough without a particular product, food, or service. Make no mistake, people who run campaigns to try to get you to take action on something all use psychology. Not all people who know psychology use it for good. That is why it is so important that we understand it, so that we can’t be manipulated by it. Even churches can use psychology to get their members to act a certain way from a place of fear, lack, and separation. When we understand psychology, we don’t have to fear all these tactics because we can spot them, and understand what someone is trying to get from us by believing specific ideas. Parents use psychological fear tactics to get their children to behave certain ways. We are trained to do this. We keep the cycle going the more we put our blinders up to the effects of staying in the energy of fear, lack, and separation.

The more we align ourselves with love, abundance, and peace, the safer we are from someone using psychology against us.The safer we are from hurting someone else. Narcissists and sociopaths depend on their use of psychology to manipulate and/or abuse their victims. I find it much easier to see through all the crap, while also having the understanding of how someone can intentionally hurt others. Many of are a part of the cycle, but we can only get better if we see it.

As humans, we use psychology to get what we want out of a situation. Some of just don’t know it. I love how many resources there are now to learn more. I find this helps me align with love, abundance, and peace especially when I’m dealing with difficult people. It’s also helped me to see how and why people who align with love, abundance, and peace live more fulfilling lives. Never be afraid to reach out for help if you are having trouble understanding your own mind either. I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was 10 years old. If I struggle with figuring stuff out on my own, you better believe I am going to ask a qualified person to help me.

Today, I commit to gain understanding of people through psychology. When I look at others through the eyes of science, I don’t take their actions personally. I also know that I can’t fix anyone else. The only person I’m capable of working on is me. When I change my behaviors towards myself and others, my reality shifts to accommodate for my new perspectives. This is the beauty of understanding the power of the brain and the stories we feed it. We live in an age where we can learn from some of the greatest minds for FREE.

I decided I’m no longer going to invest my mind in places that keep me spinning in the energy of fear, lack, and separation. If I want to know about narcissists and sociopaths, I’m going to invest my time in learning about them instead of watching the news and getting consumed by how many people are falling for it. When I find myself slipping into a funk, I’m going to find the tools I need to get myself out. I’m not going to spin with people who want to go down with me, I’m going to raise myself up with how I can connect psychology, spirituality, and a whole bunch tools from the Universe to move through whatever I’m going through. I know that I don’t want to hurt anyone with my unhealed stuff, and I don’t want to be victim of someone else’s unhealed stuff. The ONLY way I know how to do this to the best of my ability is to invest my time in the right places.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

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