90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 1-A Commitment for 2019

Welcome 2019

90-Day A Better Me Series

Day 1: Commitment for 2019

Each year I pick something to focus on. Last year my journey was about staying present. This year is about passing on what I’ve learned and assisting individuals to find their self-worth and get past the blocks that have been holding them back. Later this week I will be launching the 35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp. I did a test run in October of 2018 and the results were amazing. I watched transformation after transformation in the individuals who continued to commit daily to the process. I’m very excited to be able to offer the camp at a special price for those who are ready to invest in this intense and committed program. The program is for individuals who do better when they are held accountable to someone and who are looking to REALLY do the work. Just like any physical boot camp, this one is an intense program to get results at an accelerated speed.

As for my blogs, I’m doing a 90-Day Series to support readers who are looking for something more out of their lives. It is a great addition to the A Better Me Boot Camp, but it has a cost that no one can refuse. It’s FREE! My hopes is the series will get to the people who are looking to make some changes in their lives to live life from a loving place as the best version of themselves.

Having studied human development, psychology, cultural anthropology, early childhood education, spirituality, religious practices, self-help, 12-step programs, Law of Attraction, marketing strategies, sociology, love, fear, and the creative process; I have uncovered a lot of incredible tools, which I have eclectically brought together in a way to obtain a positive change in anyone’s life.

Here are a few ways these tools have been brought together:

  • In college my major was Human Development. I learned about the technical side of development, including the physical, physiological, psychological, emotional, and mental changes that happen or can happen throughout our lives. I was fascinated on how we process things from childhood later on in our lives through our experiences and the different theories of how and why we turn out to be the way we are. I also got to see what keeps us from being able to learn and what some of the obstacles are that get in our way of changing. One of the greatest things I learned is how it is possible to change brain patterns based on changing thought patterns and actions. Understanding the science behind some of the concepts I have believed all along made me understand why I felt so drawn to writing the letters.
  • Cultural Anthropology showed me the effects of generation after generation with beliefs, practices, and thought patterns that help and hurt individuals, communities, and societies. I was lucky enough to have completely diverse classes that filled me with different views on culture, religion, spirituality, race, gender, and age.
  • Early childhood education plays a hug role in how we started our social, emotional, and educational paths. We develop our personalities very early on and sometimes we have a lot of bad habits to break that started with some of the earliest learning experiences. This is where I learned the language and words children hear and use matter. If children are get a message from parents, teachers, or peers enough times, a child will start to identify with that message and embrace the meaning. If a child connects to being stupid, lazy, worthless, slow, or unlovable, the messages play like a tape in the person’s mind until they figure out the counter is true. This series uses this concept to change the messages that play in our minds.
  • My experience in Al-Anon taught me about the 3 A’s: Awareness, Acceptance, and Action. First, we have to see the obstacle. Then, we need to accept our responsibility for how we got to it. Finally, we go into action and do something productive to change it. Studying self-help, self-worth, and personal development helped me to see the importance in changing our language of how we talk to ourselves is one of the biggest obstacles to conquer. Years ago, I listened to a seminar about mirror work by Louise Hay, she told me to look in the mirror and say, “I love you”. She challenged me to investigate the thoughts, feelings and language that came up as I stared at myself and repeated those three little words I longingly wanted to hear uttered back at me. At that moment, I heard loud and clear how horrible I was to myself and I dove head first into fixing it. I wrote letter after letter through the process. Life started falling into place. I healed old patterns that led me to toxic relationships. I became more focused on what brought me joy. I began eating better and exercising without the pressure of escaping the skin I was in. All my relationships improved. Once we start seeing why the way we are talking to ourselves effects or lives, we can start doing things to change it.  The letters help us engage emotionally in the process of change. They are meant to be a jumping off point.
  • Studying spirituality and religious practices helped me to understand and be open to different ideologies people us engage in community, faith, hope, and service to others. When I was studying these topics I learned a lot about my own judgments and limited thinking. Most of all, I learned the importance of never using the word “ALL” to describe anything that involves more than one person. If one nuclear family don’t “ALL” have the exact same opinions, how do we possibly use that in describing different religious or spiritual practices. There are so many different sectors of the same religion that have slightly and sometimes very different views. While studying the differences, I try to focus on the loving actions behind the beliefs. The letters reflect an openness to be applied to many different ways of belief and it doesn’t limit or reject any that use loving action as a practice of their devotion.
  • On my path to self-discovery, I was led to the Law of Attraction. I have to feel and think about what I want from the deepest parts of me and pick up the language and feelings as if I already have it in my life. That is why I started implementing letter writing into my life. I figured out that the best way I could do this is to write letters. I started writing letters (never send) to friends, loved ones, and the people who hurt me from the place I want to be, but as if I was already there. This helped set things in motion for the Universe to work with me. I believe that we can only have what we already obtain inside. If we want to love and be loved we have to know it from the deepest parts of our core starting with how we feel about ourselves.
  • Marketing strategies came out of left field for me. I didn’t expect to learn what I did here. This is where I discovered the tricks of marketing and media to tie us up in fear agendas to sell products, hate others, and de-value ourselves. Taking on a new energy and language helps make us aware of the manipulations that are out there and we can spot when we are taking what they say in and how it is affecting our views of others and ourselves.
  • Sociology is what I use as a tool to help me connect the social environments we must engage in. The theories helped me to see things on group levels, and how each person plays a part in the whole whether we are dealing with friends, family, work, or community. I use the letters to help me keep an open mind to people who may be evaluating a situation differently than I am.
  • Understanding the concept of people living with love or fear at their core is my passion. I have seen this in everything that I have studied and it was the inspiration for the first time I ever blogged. We can break every belief down to see if it comes from loving or fearful energy. I have been amazed at how I have sabotaged my life and watched others sabotage theirs because of fearful energy. This is why I feel so strongly about coming From A Loving Place(the name of my Facebook page and blog). Digging down to the core of my fearful beliefs set me free. I still will sway back and forth as I’m presented with new life lessons, but knowing the language of love and fear helps to keep me in the energy I’m looking to attract more of, and that is what I hope this book will do for you.
  • The last element that helped to tie this series together and guide me is the creative process. I took a course in college that opened me up to thoughts and concepts I hadn’t even thought about until this point. We read Your Creative Brain by Shelly Carson. Carson explains the comfort zones of how individuals think. In the book, you take a test and see where your comfort zone is. Mine tied for absorption and connection. Through her interpretations it means I really take time to absorb the lessons I take in and like to connect it in unique ways. So this series is my way of absorbing and connecting all the lessons I’ve learned throughout my life.


Throughout this series, I will be using the metaphor of a house. The first step is becoming aware of where the problems lie. We will tear down the house of broken belief systems and tend to the unhealthy foundation that keeps us from building a house that will last. Once the foundation is renewed, we will work on building a new house based on the thoughts and feelings we want to give and receive to/from the world. Finally, we welcome guests into our homes. They are visitors, it is up to us to keep our house clean and free of the clutter, beliefs, and negative energies that hold us back. We will learn strategies to have people in our lives without ever inviting them into our homes.

On this journey we will go to the darkest parts of us that hold us back in order to uncover the magic of changing our perspectives in order to establish the foundation for the life we deserve to be living.

If this is what you want for your life, then you are in the right place. It’s time to reveal the best parts of you by getting rid of all the belief systems that keep your environment too chaotic and cluttered for yourself and others to see the beauty you have to offer. It’s time to purge and cleanup the mess. When people come into our homes, we can show them who is really there.  If their energy doesn’t fit in your home, they will feel uncomfortable and not want to come back. When we are in a good place that is a REALLY GOOD bonus.

I hope you will come on this journey with me and bring your friends. 2019 is going to be a transformational year. Commit to being the best you!

Follow this journey here on From A Loving Place.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff ©2019


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