Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #305

I’m grateful for the symbolic meanings of the red-winged blackbird. I didn’t plan on writing about this bird. It’s funny because I just recently saw the bird for the first time a few months back. As I was writing yesterday about the the tufted titmouse, I went outside and sat on the grass observing the red-winged blackbird at the feeder. When I went inside, I looked up the symbolic meaning. As I’m reading, one flies to the bird feeder outside my window. Yes, that was my sign. I had planned to end the segment on symbolic meanings yesterday. Just one more reminder about my timing and Divine timing, LOL. I’m happy I got the sign, because I love what I read.

Side Note

When I was writing about the tufted titmouse, I was drawn to a website that had a message that truly resonated with me. I went back to read about the red-winged blackbird and WOW, I love the symbolism and messages from Quornesha S. Lemon. Now, this doesn’t mean I have to agree with absolutely everything she has written or will write about. One of my favorite sayings from my days in AL-ANON was, “Take what you like, and leave the rest.” Some seeds will resonate enough to want to plant in my garden and others won’t. It doesn’t mean that what is right for me isn’t wrong for someone else and vice versa. It’s not mine to judge, only to observe and feel what aligns with my highest self in this moment. I say this because, I want anyone who reads this to understand, we are going to all perceive and absorb what we see, hear, taste, feel, touch, and smell differently. The beauty of symbolic messages is what resonates with us is what is meant for us. If someone shares something that doesn’t, it just means the message is not aligned (meaning aligned with the energy of fear, lack, and separation instead of love, abundance, and peace), not meant for us, and/or a truth we are not quite ready to see yet. If that is the case, it is just one step in the awareness process. Sometimes we will first resist because we don’t want to give up some other perspective of truth that is aligned with the energy of fear, lack, and separation. I have learned to love watching how this journey unfolds.

Everything I read about the red-winged blackbird resonated from Quornesha S. Lemon’s page (click name to read her full message). Here’s how it begins:

The Red Winged Black Bird is a message that we are releasing past obstacles, and restrictions in our lives and within our beliefs. We are beginning to emerge and awaken to the truth of matters…

Quornesha S. Lemon

All I could do was nod my head and say, “YES, YES, YES!” This resonates with where I am in this moment. Most of my inner work right now is about releasing alignments with the energy of fear, lack, and separation that come from old perspectives of truths that are no longer serving me. I’ve been noticing so many synchronicities as I’m diving deeper into this releasing process. Looking up the symbolic meanings of the red-winged blackbird and having one fly up at that very moment and then talking on the phone to my partner about the bird, and it flies up to the window. These are just a couple within the last two days, but I will be writing more about that tomorrow. I just love how if I remain open, I will get the messages the Universe is trying to reveal to me, and I am so incredibly grateful for that.

I also loved the breakdown in the colors and their meanings of the red-winged blackbird. Lemon states, “The red symbolizing power and passion, and black representing renewal and release of energies, frequencies or vibrations. They yellow is a sign of illumination and enlightenment. Bringing projects and ideas to fruition and into the physical realm and world.” The majority of red on the red-winged blackbird is visible when they fly. I’ve tried to get video and/or a picture, but haven’t been able to so far. There are tons of videos on YouTube if you are interested in seeing one yourself.

Today, I commit to embracing the symbolic meanings of the red-winged blackbird. I will do this by questioning the thoughts and beliefs that are getting in my way of living abundantly in the different areas of my life: health, spirituality, relationships (with others and myself), career, and/or finances. Then, I will ask myself a few simple questions:

  • What are alternative beliefs that would align my energy with love, abundance, and peace?
  • How would it feel to embrace this new perspective of truth that allows me to live in abundance (ask for every perspective I’m introducing and pay attention to which ones truly resonate)?
  • What would my thoughts, actions, and responses be if I believed in this new perspective of truth?

After asking myself these questions, I will sit in my awareness and accept where I am in the moment. Up until this point, I believed differently. I will allow my perspectives to shift and change as new thoughts and beliefs percolate and come into fruition. I understand this process may take time, but I know it is all apart of the journey, and I KNOW it is WORTH it!

I hope you have enjoyed this segment of the Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace series on symbolic meanings. I know I have been truly amazed in what has come up for me the past 21 days! I didn’t even realize that was how long I’ve been doing this. If you missed one that you want to read, here are the topics and links:

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

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